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Murder case - how it affects us

I think it may have an effect on us here in Massachusetts. I doubt it will have much effect beyond that. Our Massachusetts government never met a restrictive law it didn`t like. I`m sure some sort of restriction will be placed on "combat-style" knives in the future. Who knows?
Dec 19, 2000
You ever feel, just "feel" that you were going to get punished for what someone else did...did you "feel" the hair on your neck rise as you felt something bad sneaking up behind you...when you almost can't breathe because your afraid it will start time again, and the "crap" will hit the fan...

well, that's what MA always feels like to me and knives...every single time a knife is anywhere in the news...ain't it grand, folks? lol...some states...i dunno.


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MA lawmakers are going to jump on this big time. The other day, in the Boston Globe, was an article discussing the number of New England crimes recently committed using knives. Besides the NH murders, the Globe discussed a recent mall murder of a young boy, by another youngster. Then it went on to describe another recent stabbing by a youngster in a school.

Never once, in the article did the writer mention any responsibility of the parents. The villian in all of these crimes is going to be described, by lawyers, as the "accessibilty of knives to youngsters". When the legal system gets finsihed screwing this up, the actual "criminals" will be mistakenly painted as "victims" of society. The more I read the article, the more upset I got.

The knife community is going to get hurt if we are not careful.

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I think it could work both ways. I think the knife laws, that are notoriously vague, will be scrutinized some now, and while revisions could possibly reduce our access to knives, at least we would know what was legal. Sorry about no specific knife content. The article above mentions a few manufacturers, and I have at least one knife from the bunch, and I think it's great.

A knife is by default a tool, it's only a weapon when a human chooses to make it so.
Story about the parents:
AP news link


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The Boston Globe prints an article expressing concern regarding a knife(s) allegedly purchased over the internet and supposedly used by Vermont residents to commit a crime in New Hampshire. Isn't the Massachusetts connection somewhat remote, Boston Globe? Is there any Massachusetts connection?

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