My 1st Benchmade (Mini Spike RVW)

Feb 4, 1999
Well, I received my first benchmade knife in the mail today, and thought I'd give a brief review. The knife is the Phil Boguszewski-designed Mini-Spike. Blade is a little over 3 inches and handle is probably right at 4". You can get exact specs at Anyway, I am very impressed with the knife so far. It is a liner-lock, and the action is incerdible smooth and easy, but with no play. The liner lock seems to be quite durable, and I am confident using this knife so far. The Mini-Spike is aesthetically pleasing in that the aluminum handles have tapering channels cut into them for grip and decoration, and the slim, narrow taper is quite nice. Very low-key. There is a lanyard hole, which is a nice inclusion, although I doubt many people would use a lanyard on this knife, cosidering its size and purpose. Anyway, the blade is flat ground and finished beautifully. It is thin, narrow, and comes to a wickedly sharp needle point, hence the name of the knife. As such, it is pretty much
worthless for most utility chores, and its purpose seems to be defense (or maybe even offense?). I call this knife my "rib-tickler", as it seems to have been inspired by stilettos of the old days, whose sole purpose it was to be buried deep in the narrow spaces between someone's ribs! Yikes! In any case, the knife is quite classy.
It was very sharp, despite being used. The balance of the knife is quite nice, and it's small but comfortable shape just begs for it to be played with (especially cince the liner lock is close to being silent. Having pretty small hands this is a perfectly sized small knife that is light weight and unobtrusive, and I will carry it often, despite its narrow range of purpose. I couldn't have had a better intro to this company, and I highly recommend you pick one up for yourself, especially since they are a discontinued item! Bravo, Benchmade!
If you like the manual Spike you would love the Auto Spike. I just picked one up today at a gun show ($99) and it kicks my manual spikes butt!! These are getting hard to find at a good price so I couldn't pass up gettin one for my collection.

As a weapon, I think the Spike is overrated (limited slashing ability due to lack of blade curvature, and no guard or handle cut-out to prevent your hand sliding forward onto the blade).

Actually, the Mini Spike is about the best folding fruit and vegetable peeler you'll find. Straight handle + narrow blade profile + sharp point = paring knife. I recommend the plain-edged model.

I like mine a lot, and may buy another before they become extinct.

David Rock
I don't know jack about knife fighting, but as an offensive weapon it seems adequate for several reasons:
1) The tapered handle shape will help prevent the hand from sliding forward somewhat.
2) It is obviously a good penetrator.
3) With the mini, at least, the butt of the handle can be supported by the middle of the palm (just medial to the proximal aspect of the thenar eminence, if that means anything to you! ;-) in a stabbing motion, thus preventing hand sliding.
I dunno....that was my impression, at least, although I rarely find myself in situations where I need to stab somebody unawares! ;-)
I found my mini-Spike to be far more practical than I originally expected. In fact, it wasn't until I got my mini-Stryker that it lost its much-coveted Favorite Knife designation. I think I find the mini-Spike's blade more practical than the tanto blade on my mini-Stryker, though the Stryker handle is better.

Anyway, I think you'll like your mini-Spike even more after you've had it for a while.


i bought the spike about a month ago, and so far i like it a lot.
the shape is the best for stabbing someone, but however i realised that i could not polish the blade to a mirror polish....could anyone give me some advice on how i can do this.......thanx!
My first Benchmade was an old full size Spike. It's the best kitchen knife in the house.