My AFCK arrived today!


May 28, 1999
Hi all,

Well, after a long wait due to some credit card problems (not on my end
) my Benchmade AFCK finally arrived via UPS today. I must say I'm very pleased with this knife. The advice you all gave me definately helped in my decision to buy it. The handle is very comfortable and second only to the Emerson Ravens in my opinion. The blade however is the best I've ever owned. It cuts through cardboard much better than my Spydie Delica and is much better for a combination of utility and defense than the Raven blade. The liner lock is VERY strong on mine too. This is one sturdy knife. Thanks again for all the advice. By the way, check the "for sale" section if you're interested in my barely used Raven.
Hi JMB! Glad to see that you like your new AFCK. Is that the one with M2 Steel?

I've carried my AFCK daily for over 4 years, and I still love it, the new Axislock is the only thing that competes for my pocket space.

Mine has the ATS-34 steel, not the M2. What are the advantages of M2? I've heard of it, but don't know much about it.

Man, the liner lock on this thing is really superb. A day of opening and closing it has gotten rid of the stiffness of the mechanism. Now, it's capable of being flicked open but still locks up really tight. I'm very impressed.
Last week I received a replacement AFCK after I sent a faulty one in for repair...I got the updated version!
The G-10 is less rough, yet still grippable. The blade is even in the liners, and is razor sharp out of the box. The lockup is superb (the liner seats dead center in the blade when open...I actually prefer it seating before reaching the center, but I'm not gonna complain!)

BTW: Mine is also an ATS-34 version, which I prefer. Although it may not hold the edge as well as an M-2 steel, it holds its edge VERY well, and is easier to resharpen to boot.