My Apologies to Mad Dog

Thank you Doug,

Although many agree with what you said, it was how you said it that caused the responses. I have a huge ego and I am also overly opinionated, but I respect the rights of others to voice their opinion and hold constructive arguement to proove their points. You made your point about Mad Dog and if it helps you will notice no one defended him as an individual, only his products.

And that in the end is why we are here, to discuss the products of makers not necessarily the makers themselves.

We all make mistakes as I have made my share. It is what we do after the fact that seperates us from the pack.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Mike and all,

Geez, make me feel guilty why don't you
I now feel that I should be the apparent lone brave, or at least truthful, soul to step forward and "defend him as an individual".

I have enjoyed ALL my dealings with Kevin, both buisness and personal. We share a good deal of the same interests and views on things. He is indeed a bit more "freespoken" than I am (being the politician that I am).

I notice that a good deal of the people that get upset with his writings do not know him or have not dealt personally with him. If you can break through his "phone security" to get the opportunity to speak with him, most people would find him enjoyable to converse with.

I realize that there are some people that do feel they have personal beefs with him but it would seem that others judge him based on a few internet posts(or a bunch of posts). We all know how easy it is to come across the wrong way in a medium like the internet. I know that I have done this as have a lot of others. I too have a good sized ego but do make some feeble attempts at covering it up.

As a side note, It does say a great deal about his knives that even people that do not like Kevin, for whatever reason, do buy and carry is knives. He commands a lot respect for a guy that is not a member of any knifemakers association and does not attend a lot of shows. Give the guy a lot of credit for coming up with someting great and original, and having the balls to buck the status quo and do it his own way.

take care all,

P.S. I do this so that all sides are represented. Kevin is more than qualified to stick up for himself when the situation calls for it.