My Benchmade AFCK

Jun 20, 1999

I love this knife. Great handle gives you a perfect grip. Also, the knife is very smooth when opening with the help of the opening hole. I bought it from a Merlot's Cutlery in a mall near my house. What disturbs me is that it was very dull after I first bought it, all my other BMs are much sharper and I bought em off the internet. Can anyone explain my AFCK's dullness?
Quality control, or lack thereof. Do a search on this forum, there are a few threads along this line. I'll let other, more knowledgable ppl eloborate.

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One problem with buying from a store front retailer is that you sometimes get the "Demo knife" from a less than totally scrupulous sales person. This knife may have been picked up a hundered times and had rope, or paper or hair, or all the above, Thus the great factory edge is long gone, and the knife goes back in the box and a new one is pulled out for the "demo blade."
One advantage of buying over the internet is that you don't run into this problem.
My advise? Next time, check sharpness before you hand over the cash, if it doesn't make a nice neat bald spot, ask for another one.
As far as this one goes, maybe you can take it back to the retailer and ask for an exchange?
I LOVE the AFCK! Got one of the very first production models and would never part with it. It's my daily carry blade!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Just curious. When I get a new using knife, the first thing I do is sharpen it. Doesn't everybody?

Knife Outlet

I do unless it's a Spyderco

I'm confused why the concern that your knife is dull. Do you mean it's not sharp without touching it, or that all your efforts can't make it sharp? I've seen quite a bit of the latter in early-run AFCKs and CQC-7s... not sure about the cause. I have one friend whose ATS-34 MB Talon II is terrifying but he can't put much of an edge on a CQC-7 in the same steel. I've never gotten a truly scary edge on my old AFCK, though I've had great luck with other ATS-34 knives. Heat treat? Go figure. I'm hoping my new M-2 AFCK will give me the edge I want in the design that's always been my favorite.

I suppose you could always take advantage of the "Lifesharp Guarantee," eh?


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Knife Outlet,

I know what you Of the seven or so Benchmades that I have, just two of them were sharp enough out of the box.

I agree with Corduroy, that the Spyderco knives are pretty sharp out of the box
. A few swipes on a ceramic stone, or whatever you have around makes the blade perform a little better. Don't you just love the feeling of the blade just slicing thru whatever you are cutting: effortless and satisfying. Nothing is worse for your health than a dull knife!
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Just give your beauty a few swipes upon a Spydie sharpmaker and keep on keepin' on.
KnifeOutlet, I do indeed end up putting my own "custom" angle on every using knife I own. I try to do so immediately out the box so I won't go for days at a time with a becoming-increasingly-dull knife.

I just got my M2 AFCK a while ago. The edge they put on the knife would push cut and shave just fine but the bevel was too blunt for my tastes. Also I wish they still bead blasted the scales. Ive found that the M2 is fairly easy to raise a burr on using a fine ceramic stone. But I couldnt get taht razor edge without a strop. Strange, but now its my sharpest knife, as long as you strop it...
AFCK - Ah.... My #1 knife...

The are FANTASTIC knives.

I just got a MINI AFCK, with the black blade coating...
Thanks Maddog2020!
Great little knife... I love it. Finally got it back from my wife... She liked the blue Gigand *snicker*
The Mini AFCK goes with me to places the Full Sized one would raise eyebrows.

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!