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My best friend...

Nov 7, 2000
This is my new best friend.
(should be image)
I'm thinking of making more friends...

boys newer grow up,it's only their toys getting more expensive....

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Dont get how to post pix...
Does the UBB-link have to refer to a www-site?
First you need to post your picture on the web, either on your own web page or one of the free Internet hosting sites like PhotoPoint. Then follow the directions here to either link to your picture or post it directly on the forum. There's more info in the FAQs. Hope this helps.

Thanks guys! I got it when I read through a UBB-site.It's not possible to attach own files(including picture-files) due to security regulations of UBB.I'll get myself a homepage so I can share my goodies,just have learn about ftp first....
If you use PhotoPoint you don't have to learn FTP - just attach .jpg files to an email and email them to PhotoPoint, which posts them to your account, where you can edit them and arrange them into albums.