My BF Native has arrived..!!!

My son just called me at work to tell me my BF Native arrived. Now, I have wait until tonight to see it! The agony!

It took just seven days to get here. That`s a pretty good turn around time, I think.

I hope more of us snap the remaining blue Natives so we can look forward to more forum designed knives in the future.

Thanks to Sal, Spark, Mike and anyone who insisted on 440v and a non-black handle!!!
May 25, 1999
Welcome fellow BN owner! You will quickly find youself shaving the hair off your (it is SHARP out of the box). The added weight is great for the drop style opening. Did you order a neck sheath? The concealex sheath is sweet. I ordered a set of lefty sheaths, too.

You live just a couple of towns from me.

Ray 'md2020'

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All the reports you`ve heard about the out-of-the-box sharpness of this knife is true. It shaves like nobody`s business. I`ve been slicing paper to a thinness that I`ve never gotten from my other knives. This is one SHARP mutha!!!

Ray-I didn`t get the sheath since I don`t think I`d ever carry this around my neck. I like the Spydie clips.

So you live nearby do you? Are you going to the knife show in Concord, NH on Sept.4th? Maybe we could meet for lunch or something there. I`d get to meet my insane kid.

Everyone else, you ought to get one of these while they`re atill available. They are seriously worth the bucks and you`ll feel all warm and fuzzy for supporting the forums.
Steve B.,

I have never been to a 'knife show', been a gun show where they had knives
. I will send you and e-mail, and may be we can hook up. The sheath comes in handy - I am surprised how often I use it. Great for water sports

Ray 'md2020'