My blade collection :)

Mar 21, 2000
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Just felt like in a photo-taking mood today, plus the sun was out...

From left to right:

<b>Cicada Forge katana</b>
- 28.5" nagasa (blade length from top of the habaki to the kissaki)
- forge-folded/pattern welded 1050/1095
- clay tempered gunome hamon
- bo-hi on both sides of the blade (aka grooves)
- fully wrapped with rayskin on the handle, with silk handle wrap
- dragon-theme fittings

My personal favorite in all my collection, it is a beefy blade but feels light. The sword has balance such that it feels like it wants to go into the cut, yet it is not blade heavy. More pics of it to follow.

<b>Kris Cutlery yari blade</b>
- forged 5160 blade, differentially heat treated
- simulated hamon (added by yours truly with some sandpaper)
- mounting and finishing by yours truly

I think of this as a jo-staff with a blade, or a short spear. It is not long enough to be an accurate yari though.

<b>Christian Fletcher/Atrim 15th-16th C. Longsword</b>
- 5160 spring hardened 37" blade, made by stock removal
- leather wrapped grip, by Christian Fletcher
- hilt components fully dismountable (guard, handle, pommel)

Excellently made longsword, light and responsive and very tough. My favorite among the European style weapons.

<b>Lutel 17th C. 3 ring rapier</b>
- I think it's made from EN-45 steel, which is similar to 5160
- fullers on either side of the blade, which is approx 40.5" long
- fluted wood grip with wire in the spirals
- faceted pommel

Well made rapier that is balanced nicely for the thrust. The guard is EXCELLENT and shows a high degree of worksmanship. All the welds are clean and tight, the bars are nicely shaped and 'flow' together in a united whole. You can't see it in the pic but there are little barrel shaped things that join some sections of bar together...and those must have been a real PITA to put together without screwing up! I'm impressed...

<b>Lee Reeves/Atrim Danish medieval sword</b>
- 5160 spring hardened 32.25" blade, made by stock removal
- leather wrapped grip, by Christian Fletcher
- hilt components fully dismountable (guard, handle, pommel)

Excellently made sword that is meant to be used with a shield. Light and responsive, and it feels like it can lop off a person's legs in one swipe.

<b>Albion Armorers/Atrim riding sword</b>
- 5160 spring hardened 31" blade, made by stock removal
- leather wrapped grip
- hilt components fully dismountable (guard, handle, pommel)
- 1lb 10oz!!

My favorite one hand sword...this thing is a beauty to wield and a superb thruster. Don't let the dimensions or weight fool you...this thing is solidly constructed.

<b>Windlass Steelcrafts russian kindjal</b>
- 17" blade, probably made from recycled spring steel
- 2 shallow fullers on either side
- hardwood grip on a full tang that is readily visible

A decently made long knife by Windlass's cheap and okay for the price ($45). As you well know, WS items are junk for the most part...but this one seems alright...I guess.

<b>Kris Cutlery sundang</b>
- 20" 5160 blade
- fullers on either side of the blade
- hardwood grip wrapped with lacquered cotton

A well made Moro sword that is like a Phillipino version of the incomparable Kukri. Cuts well, handles well, and has a nice kris-like shape to the blade.

<b>Himalayan Imports Kobra</b>
- 22" overall, made from new stock 5160
- wood handle, brass fittings

This one's made by Bura, and it shows!! The blade is well-shaped and *perfectly* balanced without sacrificing strength. This is by far the best Kukri I have yet owned (I'm aiming for a Kothimoda, again by Bura). Thank you, HI, and Uncle Bill.

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More pics of my favorite you can see the hamon is wide and healthy. The handle is shaped like an hourglass, unlike other katana in its class (Paul Chen katana, in particular).

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More pics of my Kobra. Any kukri I order from H.I. will have to be made by Bura now. I'll let the pics speak for themselves...

And that's it! Thanks for sticking around...
Hmmm, that site doesn't seem to like having external links. It didn't show them here, but when I copied the link locations it brought them up, and when I returned here, the pics worked.

Very cool pics. I'm envious. I have to control myself long enough to purchase an Atrim at some point. It's just that for me, saving $400 is easier said than done. ;) I also like the Cicada forge stuff. The kobra looks so small. :D
Kmark have you done any cutting tests with the swords?
Especially the Kris Cutlery Sundang and Barong?
And if so have you done any reviews on them?
I would like to read them if you
have, an e-mail or link would be fine and would keep them off of this

I think 5160 is hard to beat for large heavy duty blades. Especially those designed for heavy impacts.
Actually it isn't too shabby for any kind of knife, but then I just like and prefer carbon steels and especially 5160.:D

WOW! Thanks very much for sharing those, and for giving me a bad case of blade envy:( ;)