My brand new "cut myself" story - worthy of it's own thread.


Jan 31, 1999
Where do I begin?

I had been wanting a CRKT MDP Stiff Kiss for a while. Why? (Do I really need a reason?) I told myself it was for general outdoor sports use (rafting, canoeing, etc.). Regardless of the fact I haven’t rafted in abot 8 years, I wanted the knife. I just think it’s cool, with a versatile carry system, a good blade shape, and a good price. I could not find one on sale here used, so I picked one up on sale at SMKW for $11.99. I thought I had gotten a great deal...

Fast-forward a few weeks. Two weeks shy of her due date, I take my wife to the hospital at 4 am, where she gives birth to our second lovely daughter. Between shuttling my visiting mother and my 3-yr old back and forth for visits, I decide now would be a great time to cord wrap the handle of my new piece. While my mother is entertaining my daughter in the living room, I sit down on my (oh, new by the way) bed and start to wrap the handle.

It happened so fast, I can’t remember exactly, but I think I yanked the blade from the sheath while trying to pull the cord real tight and BLOOD...all over..clean bed...very, very bad. I had yanked it out, and under the tension I had on the knife, stuck it into my hand. Right along the knife-edge (pardon the pun, but that’s where it was) of the meat of my right palm. In an instant the following thoughts occurred to me:
1- I can’t believe I just stabbed myself
2- there’s a lot of blood on the sheet
3- there’s no way I’m gonna be able to hide this from the wife
4- I’d better get to the bathroom

Still thinking “damage control” I nonchalantly told my mom I cut myself, and I just needed to bandage it up. She took one look at it and told me to go straight to the ER, do not pass go, do not argue with your mother. I figure it had gone in about ½ inch. The cut opened up like a slit hot dog, so even I had to concede that a band aid was not gonna do the trick. Fortuntely, my kid was oblivious. Toilet paper was not going to get me to the ER, so my mother then asks for an old t-shirt. I point her to the rag pile under the sink. “No, something clean, like the laundry I just did for you .” I hand her a white t-shirt from the drawer, and she cuts the bottom hem off in a strip, and wraps up my palm over a gauze pad. So, I drive myself to the hospital (where I was going anyway) and go to the ER.

“Hi, Honey, I have good news & bad news. The good news is I’m here at the hospital. The bad news is I’m in the ER.”

When the ER staff asked how it happened (which they all do). I started off with “Well, I collect knives...” I’m sure this is the kind of story they all laugh about over beers after work.

An hour, one tetanus shot, and 5 stiches later, I’m at my wife’s bedside wearing my “Daddy” bracelet on one arm and my ER bracelet on the other. She took it suprisingly well (after asking me if I planned on throwing the knife out – heck no, it’s definitely sharp ;) ). The good thing is, having my wife in recovery upstairs means I can swipe a bunch of surgical gloves for showering. :D

In actuality, I probably only bled a few tablespoons, and the mattress pad protected the new mattress. The sheet might be permanantly stained. This was definitely the worst I’ve cut myself, including the half-dozen scars on my hands from working in deli’s as a kid.
So, how about that great deal?
MDP Stiff Kiss - $11.99
ER deductible - $50.00
Antiboitic co-pay - $5.00
Gauze pads & tape - $6.00
Doctor’s co-pay (suture removal) - $10.00
Originally posted by RH
MDP Stiff Kiss - $11.99
ER deductible - $50.00
Antiboitic co-pay - $5.00
Gauze pads & tape - $6.00
Doctor’s co-pay (suture removal) - $10.00
one great knife story: priceless

couldn't resist! :p
I like your humorously told “cut myself” story.

Congratulation for the birth of your second daughter.

I cut myself while cord wrapping a stiff kiss too . . . no stitches . . . just ER brand super glue!

On the price of the injury it seems like you left out the cost of the t-shirt!
Great story, RH!

Personally, I think the Stiff KISS has a taste for blood. My worst cut in the past year or so, came from the blade of my KISS. Just recently, started carrying the ArcLite in it's place. Won't change back until I wrap the handle. Despite carrying it for many moons, I feel the handle is too likely to slip sideways in one's grip, under a stressful occasion and increased grip strength.
I cord wrapped the handle of my Stiff Kiss drop point for similar fears. Under a shirt, you don't know its there!
If I cut myself half as much as everyone around here seems to, my wife would demand I sell all my knives or divorce me. Its easy to do I grant you that. In a couple years of collecting, I have secretly knicked myself a couple of times but very slightly. Did not draw any real blood. But the stories I read on here chill me to the bone. I mean she would have a fit. When I was a kid I left one of my hunting broadhead arrows on the bed, it jammed me in the knee when I forgot about it. Ouch. No unsheathed broadheads after that.

I have developed a couple rules that so far have kept me pretty safe. The toughest is no playing with knives. I never sit and flip open a knife unless I am giving it my full attention. I never do anything with one, when other people are around me. To easy for them to bump into me. This especially goes for testing the blade on paper or your arm hair. All I need is a kid or dog or someone to bump me. I always set an open knife or fixed blade down or re-sheath it, when reaching to grab something else. To easy to grab with the knife hand or move the other hand back into the blade. I never cut nonchalantly but always give the cut my full attention and am aware of hands at all times. I never leave open or unsheathed knives laying anywhere with re-sheathing them or folding them. To easy to forget and come back and sit on them etc. When chopping I really try to be very darn careful as I don't want the blade to cut through something into me any way possible. I tell you guys all these bloody posts have got me paranoid.
Hehehe, I'm still waiting for my next time. Besides stabbing myself in the thigh with the Mission MPT I recently got, I've been really lucky.

Oh by the way if the person that sold me that MPT reads this, SHARP IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT :D That damn thing went right through my thigh and I didnt even feel it, just happened to notice blood covering my outer thigh.

Hopefully I will still be waiting for my next "accident" a year down the road :)

Well sounds like it was an interesting day!!! ;)

Good luck with your new child, have a wonderful summer!


Well RH, now everytime you look at that scar you will remember when your daughter was born! At least you didn't cut any tendons, or major nerves. I still have minimal feeling in a couple of fingers on my right hand after a nasty little table saw incident about 10 years ago. At least I can still count to 10, twenty with my socks off. ;)

"I yanked the blade from the sheath while trying to pull the cord real tight and BLOOD"

Stiif Kiss. Cord wrapping. Hold the sheath and pull cord to tighten. Blood! ....Flashback..... :eek:
sorry to hear of you accident, but good story. :) congrats on the addition of a new family member.
Congrats on your new addition!

Isn't it amazing how when you cut yourself it looks like there is a bunch of blood, then when you go back to clean up, it's not quite as bad as you thought.

I agree with Paul, no nerve, no tendon just the nice memory of what was happening in your life when you got that scar.
Gotta share this Kut story: Big, buryl, bearded, pot bellied biker dude walked up to counter with a $9 Buck JiffySharp in his hand and asked me if this "piece of crap" really worked. I told him the girls at our fountain(we are an old fashioned corner drug store) used it to sharpen their knives and it seemed to work well for them. He opened the package and said he would buy it only if it sharpened the BU 110 he had on his belt....after a few swipes, he did the proverbial "thumb test" in front of me and several customers at the prescription counter...after laying open his thumb and stopping the bleeding he paid the $9.00 and left a happy customer....:D md
You've got two weeks to figure out whether or not you've cut any tendons. After that, they can't be surgically repaired.

Within a few days, as soon as you can do it without major pain, "test" all your tendons. What I did was "static test" them against the same tendon on the other hand without doing a lot of motion. In other words, it was the back of my thumb that was cut; I put my two thumbnails together and pushed them against each other, testing "like against like" without actually moving the hurt thumb and risking blowing out the stitches/wound. If the cut-hand tendon had "given way", it's better to know sooner rather than later, and get it fixed. In my case, they proved equally strong :).


Your post brings back very painful memories.

Serrated Stiff KISS (Original Tanto), Cord Wrapping the Handle behind the Counter at a Chesapeake Knife and Tool between customers, Pull Cord Tight and Blade comes out of Sheath, :eek: Trip to ER and 10 stitches.

I didn't think my wife would ever let me live that one down.
Gee I feel so much better now. I hardly ever cut myself with a knife. Until a few days ago. Before that it was something like 10 years ago or more. I was showing off. We were planting a tree and one of the guys had a nice dull utilty knife. You know one of those POS narrow things. I whip out my CRKT flipper beater knife and plow rite throw some cord next thing you know I get a bundle of cord and my left thumb. I had been having a few and eating pizza when this lil emergency I need help now planting this thing call came in. So I blame it on the booze in this case. Should have had stitches but I just happened to have this brand new tub of super glue. ;) The best part was finding out this "bush" was really a tree that grows up to thirty foot. Whoops!:eek: Anyway thanks for making me feel better. :)


Tom Carey