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My Endura is my Best Friend

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by AfflictedAngel, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. AfflictedAngel


    Feb 16, 2016
    My Endura Is My Best Friend. I have been wandering the streets because I need to stick around this area in order to work and I work crazy hours so I stay at three different houses and I have two jobs. Sometimes I'm in bad areas. A delica would have been fine but the extra inch really makes a difference on an endura. Food prep is great. It stays sharp. It doesn't rust. And it's long enough to reach out and touch someone if you had to. I live in NJ, we have no restrictions on Blade length if you have a purpose [self defense is not a legal purpose never say that] a purpose is I cut boxes at work or I cut hell's zip ties or I work at a restaurant or a factory in case someone's shirt gets caught in a machine I can cut it off. But since I've bought my endura it has saved my backpack. Having said my blade is NOT for self defense someone I know but a zip tie MOD on it and when someone tried to steal my backpack which has everything important to me on it as soon as they got a good example of the wave feature in action they were like w t f okay nevermind. Saved my stuff. Saved my ass probably too. I need to oil it... Its definitely out of shape. Anyone reading this, can anyone recommend an oil I can buy at like Walmart? I can't order anything off the internet at the moment as I don't have a mailing address or a credit card. But she's starting to stick and I need to oil her up I wish I had my tough cloth but I left it behind. Some scratches, finish wearing out, and still no rust and I'd like to keep it that way. This is the one of two knives I need. This, and a victorinox cadet for the steeple. Just wNted to contribute a testimonial to the forum I hope I posted it in the right place
  2. Benson X

    Benson X Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 1, 2016
    Head to a Bicycle Shop and pick up a Tri-Flow lubricant pen.
  3. adamlau


    Oct 13, 2002
    If you have a mailing address (I understand that you explicitly stated that you do not), I can send you some Weapon Shield CLP (needle applicator) on my dime. Else, I would look for a gun oil/grease such as Tetra Gun Grease.
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  4. adamlau


    Oct 13, 2002
    Or Dupont Finish Line Extreme Fluoro.
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  5. scottyj


    Jan 29, 2009
    Maybe at the very least if you have some WD-40, or Blaster laying around work, or where you are staying you could use that in a pinch. :thumbsup:
  6. whp


    Apr 26, 2009
    At Walmart get the Breakfree CLP in the gun cleaning section.
  7. fishiker


    Nov 5, 2006
    Ask one of the maintenance guys at work what they have. They should have something that will help and not cost you anything. Sounds like you hit a rough stretch on the road, hope things improve.
  8. Frisky


    Dec 1, 2010
    Go to the automotive section at Walmart and look for the WD-40. Right by it, you'll see black cans of spray lubricant. I can't remember the name right now, but they're $1.97 and work great on knives and bike chains. The name is something like SuperLube. Oh, and I've carried my Endura since 1998. A fantastic knife!

  9. lemonslush


    Aug 13, 2012
    Thanks for sharing your story. The endura is one of my all time favorites. I suggest getting the normal wave version some day as its will wave better than the zip tie mods, has a stronger tip and that wave can open bottle tops!
    If you just need a quick lube CLP is fine as is the bike chain lube's. They leave them out for display if you just need to "borrow" some. Just like eating a grape at the super market I think trying it before you buy it isnt a big deal. :)
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  10. Lapedog

    Lapedog Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 7, 2016
    Waved Endura and Delica are just amazing knives. The fluro grease you can find in bike shops is similar to the grease Chris Reeve Knives uses.
  11. Aldebaran


    Sep 18, 2004
    I tried to read the OP, but one long unbroken paragraph in italics is very hard to follow. Why did you do that?
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  12. kylemiller


    May 18, 2016
    Wal-Mart sells 3-in-1 oil in a compact bottle. It's general purpose and you could probably find other uses for it.
  13. The Mastiff

    The Mastiff

    Apr 21, 2006
    welcome AA. I've carried Enduras since the early 90's. They are great all around knives.

    Firstly I say just keep the bearing surfaces of the lockback clean. just use a paper towel or napkin and clean it until you don't get any gunk out of the areas you can reach into. After a while you will get to know which areas to concentrate on. Unless there is glue or something a clean dry cloth is all that I need.

    Once it is clean I usually let it go. If you do want to lube it I'd recommend a dry teflon lube ( sprays on wet and drys quickly). When dry it won't hold dirt or grit like oils and grease can. Those pieces of grit is what damages the bearing surfaces. A clean dry lockback like your Endura will not damage itself from opening without lube but if you want it lubed that is fine too. Whatever works for you is the correct way. Overall a light touch works best though.

    Other than that washing off the blade if something corrosive gets on it is about all you need to do aside from sharpening.

  14. sfrigon1


    Oct 2, 2016
    What couldn't you follow ? Maybe I can help
  15. tiguy7

    tiguy7 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 25, 2008
    IMG_2268.jpg IMG_2267.jpg My favorite Endura has a Titanium handle and a ZDP-189 blade (top of photo 1). The dragon model is cute, but I'm not nuts about serrated edges.
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  16. jpm2


    Nov 19, 2014
    Flood the pivot and whole knife with liquid dish soap, work it in real good, rinse, dry.
    You can do the same thing with wd40 or some other oil base to do the same thing, but you'll have an oily mess until you do the above.
    I had a 1-knife-best-friend for about 15 years, so I can relate.
  17. Sonnydaze

    Sonnydaze Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 6, 2009
  18. James Y

    James Y

    Feb 18, 1999
    To OP:

    Just out of curiosity, which version is your Endura? Meaning Endura 3 or 4, saber grind, FFG, plain edge, part or fully serrated?

  19. Sergeua

    Sergeua Gold Member Gold Member

    May 1, 2016
    Take a shower with it it will clean both of you up :)
  20. TheEdge01


    Apr 3, 2015
    I use Breakfree CLP myself. G96 CLP also gets the job done as well, plus it doesn't leave an oily residue behind. Another nice cleaner and lubricant is Ballistol, it stinks but it works, plus it comes in individual patches that come in handy if you need to do a quick clean up job on your Endura.

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