My Everest Katana is Ready and Flying

Sep 26, 2000
Greetings everyone,

I've been absent for some time and during that time Uncle Bill kept me posted on my Everest Katana developments. Just today I received his kind email informing me that the sword is flying to him for inspection.

From my experience, it is the first time I've been taken so good care of and I do look forward for its arrival. I will then take some pictures and send them to Uncle Bill to post them for me, unless one of you kind friends would be so kind as to email me full instructions on how to post a picture

Uncle Bill even asked me if I wanted him to send the sword to Ray Tirona Sensei for testing. I replied I trusted his own judgement and experience, and I look forward to receiving the Nikel Silver fittings Everest Katana.

Quite anxious to see and test the Kamis work. I believe its Kumar work.

Thanks Uncle Bill and Everyone

I hope it's not too nice. LOL
If it is, I'll probably want one.

I think I have it bad.......

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Hi rdnzl

I sure hope the Kamis have made more improvements in the good sense as Uncle Bill has referred to.

Anyway, me being happy will make you being happy for me, and then making the Kamis happy for ordering a Katana to Uncle Bill who in turn will be very happy and will send even more blessings to everyone.

How's that, huh?

Take care ya'll.


Please Bill when this one comes in DON'T POST
PICTURES. I'm in the middle of a complete mental melt down now, Kukfever ! ha ha.
I'm very Happy for this one to come in, and
hope to see a pix of it. He is a very lucky
man. Be Happy Jerry

Toys are very important
at any age !
Greetings from the GunMan