My exerience with REKAT products

Aug 17, 2000
I'm sorry to see the company decline. I bought a Pioneer back when 1SKS put them on clearance because I wanted a tank-like folder without a linerlock (had a few that would loosen or unlock with a tight grip).

On paper, the Pioneer was all that I wanted in a knife. In reality, it had a few flaws. The action was rough (other REKATs I've handled have been the same), the scales didn't match the liners in dimensions, and the lock sometimes wouldn't fully engage, leaving a touch of vertical play. Over time, I've worked out most of those flaws. I solved the action issue by replacing the bushings and polishing the "bearing" surfaces (the sides of the pivot area and the edge that the lock rides on). It's still not as smooth as most any other knife, but it's tolerable. I more closely matched the scales to the liners and rounded the edges a bit to make it more comfortable. The lock problem hasn't been fixed by any specific action on my part, but it seems to happen less now (before, I would just finger the lock forward to tighten it, it became habit).

Regarding spine whacking, I think one or two moderate whacks at a time are valid. It never unlocked on me. Once, after 4-5 whacks, it unlocked. It appears that each whack caused, by vibration or flexing, the lock to ever so slighly move towards an unlocked state. Of course, this would be counteracted by any pressure of the type caused by normal cutting (motion opposite to that of a spine whack) or fingering the lock slider forward again. Reducing the friction of mating parts and/or a stronger lock spring could counteract this. Regardless, I was satisfied by the lock.

Anyway, I like the knives a lot (my Pioneer is my EDC). REKAT would have a winner if they'd put more into perfecting what they have (even CRKT has better fit and finish). I understand the Savant addresses this, but I'm not going to spend $110 to find out (and risk being disapointed).