My Eyes Are Still Focusing

Oct 2, 1998
Is it my computer or am I on acid? Very pretty colors on the forums directory page, but IMHO, it doesn't work. Whew, I'm still dizzy! Hey, where's my Hendrix album and lava lamp?
When I saw the unholy redness invading my screen, my only response was a blood-curdling scream. What, pray tell, brought forth this ghastly horror? It's as if the sun has struck a mortal wound to the moon.

(Hey, no groaning from the peanut gallery.
Yeah, talk about "seeing red"
I was on the site the time my screen turned red. I had Spark on ICQ and asked him what was going on. No cause for concern, he was just upgrading the site.

Dexter Ewing
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"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"

Should be just fine now!

What happened is that I upgraded the software that we use to a new version, and was in the proccess of resetting the style variables.

Sorry that everyone had to see the "angry", that had never happened before....


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Thanks Spark. I really thought I was having another flashback. When I saw that screen, I thought for sure "Thirteenth Floor Elevator" was going to come booming out of my computers' speakers.

No thirteenth floor elevator for you! Are you sure you were online when Spark was upgrading and not experiencing one of your local mountain volcano's experiencing some gas or heartburn <hehehehehe>?