My fellow dirty Rats...

Uncle Timbo

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Nov 23, 2005
As many of you surely know, I'd love to snag a 3/16 black on black Micarta Ratweiler. I had one when they first came out years ago and let her slip thru my fingers. Kinda like your first love? Remember? Well, if I am fortunate enough to get another, that'll NEVER happen again! I'm 60 y/o and feel time is getting short. Heck, I'll be lucky to be around for 15 more years.

If anybody has one that they need to find a good home for...I'm that guy. I can only pay with a U.S. Postal M.O. But kindly check my feedback. I'm good. I'll even throw some unexpected goodies in the deal to sweeten things up!

I'll be off the radar until Friday.

Kind regards.
I could pass along my 3/16 grey on black to you, but I do not have black/black.
Don't have the requisite time for fishing. I can say that finding a 3/16 RW of any kind will be arduous at best, let alone a choice of preferred handle material. At least you are in the right place...perhaps lady luck will profer a surprise appearance. Or there may be someone here on the forums willing to trade with you. The RW is an awfully nice knife: most collectors would not be too keen on parting with one. But, seek and ye shall find!

And yes, I do remember the utterly scrumptious lady that I let out of my firm grip. Regrets? Sure nuff.
Thank you Mr. Chiral. Maybe I can reconnect with a long lost love of mine. Evidently she got a tad grey thru the years, but so did I! :)
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Well, well, well, my long lost love finally came home to me and she not leaving this time. I forgot how much I really loved her. She lost some weight...1/4 to 3/16 and I gained a tad but such is life. I'm thinking of cutting all her gray hair off (stripping her) as I love a satin finish or a forced vinegar patina. Help me here again, the stripper will NOT affect or discolor the Micarta in any way? Right?

I commissioned Mr. Chiral to make her a Kydex sheath and he did a fantastic job. I also bought one of his extensions. Chiral, maybe you could post a pic of her with the sheath and show off your work?

Needless to say, I'm one happy Rat! :)
Help me here again, the stripper will NOT affect or discolor the Micarta in any way? Right?

The stripper will remove patina from the Micarta such as hand oil & other "character" stains...but that can easily be reapplied with abuse....errrr, I meant "use." ;)
Thanks PTPO. Heck, she doesn't have much character yet. I need to give her some. Hopefully, after I strip her down and take her out and use her, some of me will rub off on her!