My First AK

Aug 16, 2000
Holy Moley! This baby is beefy!

My 20" AK arrived today. I am astounded at it's heft. If it wasn't so dark out I'd go chop something with it right now.

Sanu did a real fine job on it. Blade is real pretty and the handle is very well done.
Magic stone finish is quite nice on it.

The scabbard is real nice too, with the swan and the dragon. The frog is well made, but maybe a little loose.

Chakma and Karda are also nicely done.

I am a fairly big guy, but this AK will put me to the test! Glad it has a nice large handle for two handed chopping.

Thanks to Sanu and Uncle for another great addition to my growing collection!


p.s. I bet I could chop up a car with this!
I'm sure you could. I believe that Cliff already has chopped one up (among other things).

Yep! You can cut up a car with it!
I like Cliff's statement when asked what he's gonna do with a knife that big.
"Anything I want to." he says.


"I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."

........unknown, to me anyway........

Khukuri FAQ
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Fired up the floodlight and went out in the back yard. I used it to explode some big, thick blocks of maple. The blocks are about 16 inches long and 4 inches thick by 14 wide.

I say explode, because that about what they did. I hit 'em on the endgrain and most of them split clear through with one hit. A couple took two hits.

The maple is fairly well dried. I made kindling in no time at all.

Just for fun I took out my Chainpuri to use on some of the smaller pieces. It performed well also.

The 20" AK is a brute......I like it.
Takes some muscle to chop away onehanded for very long though.


>>a while later....just got through cleaning her up...looks like new..think I might wear gloves next some splinters on my left hand from picking up the pieces and turning them around while chopping!

Life is good!

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I have used my AK for just about everything. It has:
dug holes for fence-posts (to get through a layer of gravel)
dug holes for bushes and flowers
dug 1200 feet of "trench" for an underground wire
cut galvanized chain-link fencing
split unknown quantities of wood-mostly 12" and larger diameter to start with
pryed cabinets off the wall
cut notches in 4x4 landscape timbers
been used as an edger along the edge of my driveway (breaking chips of concrete off the side of the driveway on occasion)
dug out several stumps, roots and all
etc., etc., etc.

The handle has gone on to Glory, but the blade is still in great shape, albeit not all that pretty right now. Once I finish the handle that I am making for it, it will be ready for another winter of wood-splitting.

These knives are, without question, the most amazing tools that I have ever used!!!


I'd rather sleep next to a Bush than be Gored!
A 20" AK.

Hey Uncle Bill, I need one of those.

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As best as I can tell, around 3 1/2 pounds.
I don't have a real accurate scale/
Nice day today! Cold but nice..
Went out and used the 20" AK to chop some more blocks. Same great results. I found that maybe I was swinging harder than necessary before. If I get the "angle of attack" just right, the AK blows right through with a lot less effort.

Tried out my new UBE's a good chopper in it own right,but a little more force is required..

Buffed 'em both up with some Brasso when I finished and they look great!

I sure wish I'd have had Khukuris when I lived in Montana and had a lot of scruffy trees on my property!!

glad you like your new toys! I'm working on getting one of thoseAK's myself since you have what was my heaviest(and lightest too!) khuk.
The little Kumar is a very nice blade too.
I can see how martial artists would love something like it. Nice and light and very nimble.