my first bad experience with titanium nitride coating?

Mar 16, 2000
recently i have taken scraping the ice of the windshield on my truck with the spine of my ats-34 fixed blade and it worked pretty good... well last night i used my kershaw/onion boa with the nitride coating and it scratched the bejezus out of my windshield... the only thing that i can think of, that caused this, is the coating.. Anyway, i definately recommend not trying this on your own windshield... and here i thought that nothing but diamonds and the like would harm glass, although now that i have thought about it i do remember hearing that that stuff is real hard (it did take the nitride off the spine of my blade too)
Now THAT'S interesting. I'll have to remember that.

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Get one of the brass-bladed scrapers. Even steel is likely to scratch your windshield in the long run.

I tried to steel my Buck knife with zirconium nitride coating and it wanted to shave metal off my steel.
Don't forget that with windshields your dealing with safety glass that has layers of tempered glass and layers of plastic sandwiched together. The plastic keeps it from exploding when it gets hit and shatters. I'm not sure what order the layers are in but if the plastic is on the out side it will be much easier to scratch than normal glass.

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also note that the green scrub pads that wives use on pots will scuff glass. My wife found this out the hard way and had to suffer being wrong for once in her life (according to her) She had the gall to ask me " If a man is alone in the forest talking, is he still wrong"

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