My first Benchmade. How good?

Apr 18, 2000
I just ordered a 840S. If you don't know it looks like a spyderco with an ATS-34 blade with a partial serated edge.
It cost me $45.
How good are Benchmade blades in the ATS-34 steel. I currently own a Spyderco full serrate and although I like it the edge didn't hold like I hoped it would. I think it has the AUS-8 steel.

Anyway, somebody tell me a little about Benchmade.

Hello Leedesert!

First of all, Welcome to the forums!

About the 840S, that's the Benchmade Ascent (formerly known as the Eclipse). The BM ATS34 have varying degree of performance, but most of the time it's just too hard, so be careful when using it, coz it will chip if it hits a hard object.

AUS-8 is softer than ATS34, so the edge won't last as long as ATS steel, but it's a lot easier to bring back the edge on the AUS8 by resharpening, than on the ATS34, specially those coming from BM, which as I mentioned, are often hardened a bit over the norm.

Otherwise, it's a good knife. I have one in plain edge before.

For more than you probably want to know about Benchmade, go here.
The Benchmade forum includes subjects that detail a bunch of pro's & con's . . .

do it right the FIRST time . . .

I'm not trying to put the Ascent down, but my 830 is pretty crappy.
The blade is nice, but thats about it. The zytel badly bends and the lock is badly fitted and positioned. I could go on and on, but if it's only your first couple knives, you should be pleased.

A real knife collector is always broke.
Well, that should make him feel better, David...

Leedesert, I have an old 830 that I have had nothing but good use from. Great knife, IMO. So, good, in fact, that I can't seem to get rid of it, even though I have gone on well into the next stage of my disease, custom knives. I even went and bought a second of the Ascent series, the 835. They are good. Better, IMO and experience, than the Spyderco ltwt series.

I think you will be pleased with your purchase.

I'd take a Spyderco over the BM lightweights anyday. Just prefer them overall. My biggest gripe about the 840 is the handle. Number one, it's huge compared to the blade length and two, it just didn't feel good to me. The lockup was good and I liked the fact that the clip was end to end reversible, but couldn't live with the whole package. I'd take the Spyderco LWT Goddard or Endura over it given the chance. But if you're happy with it, I wish you all the best. To each his own!!
I prefer the Spyderco lightweights over their BM counterparts as well. BUT....if you like the Ascent's blade design, pick up an AFCK. I think you'll fall in love.
Definitely get an AFCK!! The AFCK is in my opinion the best Benchmade knife. I own two AFCK's- an 800S as my carry knife and an 800SBT just to flip open once in awhile. You won't regret buying an AFCK.
My 840S was out of stock so I changed the order to the AFCK 800S. With shipping it will cost me $82. Is this a fair price?

I will be using this as my carry knife.

IMO, anything an 840S could do, and 800S can do better.
As far as price, I think that's pretty good. Did you consider M2 (as in 800HSSR, I think)? Just wondering; I'm a big time M2 fan.

I second what was said before about the AFCK. This knife is much better than the Ascent, you'll love it. And for the price, thats also a fair price, but after you start using it, you won't care how much you paid for it.

A real knife collector is always broke.
The AFCK in any form is a nice choice. Being a spydie fan, I picked one up for the spyderco-style hole (ATS-34/plainedge). I carried it daily for awhile, but I thought I had lost it snowboarding, so I bought a mini AFCK (ATS-34/plain again). I still carry that one daily, even though I found the full size one.

I haven't use the axis lock and have had good experiences with my liner locks (AFCK's, Military, Starmate), so I hve no problems trusting the lock mechanism. The titanium liners bend a little in my pocket, but can be bent back with no problem. I could flip it open with the stock pivot, which was nice for a quick presentation.

I've seen some posts that the edge could be sharper out of the box, and I agree. The edge isn't quite as hair-popping sharp as a typical spydie, but it works well for less-delicate tasks. I've had both my BM's for at least a year and still haven't had to sharpen them on a stone yet, but they're overdue now. I did use a sharpening steel every so often to touch up the blade. I may reprofile the Mini to a finer angle, but I'll probably just sharpen the full size one.

Have fun with yours. You'll like the AFCK way better than the Ascent.