my first knife...period.

Feb 1, 1999
hey people..i don't know if this is the correct thing to do but i'm gonna do it anyway. =) i'm new to the forum and don't know too much about knives. well actually i hardly know anything!! but i do have my first knife and as i said in another post bill mcwilliams gave it to me. isn't he cool? it's a spyderco calypso jr. i hear that it's a pretty good knife but i really don't know enough to know. =) but i have been enjoying it. the only major cutting i've done tho is some boxes..hehe. but it was fun! i've been told if i wanna learn about knives to get the knives98 or 99 book. so maybe i will when i get some money. (probably not for a few years since i'm a college student!) hope to have a great time with this stuff!!!
As a fellwo college student trying to put every spare penny toward knives, I have a suggestion: Barnes and Noble carries the Knives99, and if they haven't returned it yet, Knives98. Go and read for your hearts content. Take a pen and papor and copy down anything important. Then invest that $20 in a knife


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The BEST first knife are those that are given to you

Maybe that's the "riddle of steel" ?
Don't cut yourself.
Hey, nobody told me the Knife Fairy was giving knives away! I'm a college student, and I'll settle for a cheaper blade--say a CS Bushman or a Stiff Kiss. Thanks in advance!

Seriously, the Barnes and Noble idea is great. Another point you alluded to but I want to stress is that idea of the $20 knife. I can't remember the last time I spent over $20 for a knife. That means I don't have any trendy "tactical" folders, but that's OK. Of course, my collection is made almost entirely of finds from antique stores and sometimes flea markets, but I have fun!
Welcome to the forums Liz! You`ve got your first knife and I`m sure it wo`nt be your last.(Especially if you spend much time around this bunch)

Never a dull moment!

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Oh god...lesse, the last knife I bought I spent $440, the one before that about $375.

Help! Conneseurdom has set in! Ahhh!

If any are still out there, the "older clipless model" of Cold Steel Vaquero Grande at around $38US is a HELL of a good deal...especially if you're in California where you can pack it concealed. Does anyone know if Smoky Mountain still has some of these, or the 5" version for a few bux less?

BTW: The Calypso or other Spydercos are generally *very* good carry knives. "Lemon" Spydies are few and far between...while they're not considered to be quite at Benchmade's quality level, they've had fewer quality glitches than BM and with the most recent Spydie models, I'd say they're at least neck and neck with BM. Re-doing the Military was a big improvement.

*And* Spyderco seems to be at least listening to pleas to build a true 5"+ megafolder. YAY! Now if they'll stop treating the Internet dealers like turds, we'll have to REALLY pay attention to 'em...

Jim March
Smokey Mountain still had 30 minus the 2 I bought of the VG's about two weeks ago.
Hey college students check out your libraries for knife books. Hopefully they aren't too PC to have or get them for you.

Well I just bought Knives '91 for $6.00 at a used book store. Try that first. Welcome to the forums.
That's pretty name honestly. I'm also doing the student shuffle and if you can't find Knives in the standard bookstore, try a gun/sports store or even a used bookstore.

Peace to all,
Love those leather chairs in Barnes and Nobles! Welcome to the forums Lizabelle!


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thanks people for all the ideas and encouragement!! =) oh yeah thanks for the compliment smoke..

and i have a question..what does it take to become a member and not a junior member?

thank you thank you!!


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Welcome aboard Liz. To become a member, all it takes is 30 posts. The benes are still the same.



Lizabelle, you must add the terms 440V, ATS-34, and Kydex in every post to become a full fledged member. You can also go for the flashlight medal where you can demonstrate your knowledge of the benefits of Photon microlights and Surefire/Scorpion tactical lights.

Are you opening your Calypso Jr. or snapping your fingers?

Well, you have net access, and there's more information available here than in any book (and you can even ask questions!)

Use the knife you have for a while and you'll find sometimes, for some jobs, a different design would be more ideal. You'll soon get some ideas for what kind of knife you'll want next, for your particular needs and tastes and to supplement the one you already have.

-Cougar Allen :{)

Welcome, Lizabelle!

For a first knife, you sure got a good one! Got my Calypso, Jr. on me today. That's going to be a tought act to follow.

This place is probably the best place to learn about knives. You get alot of differing opinions and alot of good facts. Also, misinformation doesn't seem to last long around here, as there are too may insiders and knowledgeable people here to dispute it.

Used book stores tend to have plenty of gun/knife books, particularly ones with "expiration dates", e.g., Knives98. Even the older books are still very useful.

May I also suggest reading Joe Talmadge's FAQs. These are perhaps the best primer for knife knewbies.

Welcome and enjoy!


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