My first Microtech

Jan 26, 2004
Picked up a Mini SOCOM in a trade (10/98 build date) NIB

I have to say the fit and finish are impressive. I have always stayed away just based on the $ in the past.

I do have a couple of questions for you Microtech experts. Construction wise this guy uses a wave washer and a stainless bushing - seems very solid and I like all-metal construction. However - the liner lock is not great. Its ok in a smaller knife like this that will be an office knife for me (boxes and mail and food - no hard work) But it fails a moderate spine whack almost every time. Being spoiled by the AXIS lock and framelocks - I can't see buying another liner lock in a higher-end knife again. The last 3 liner locks I have bought have all failed spine whacks that my AXIS and framelocks have passed no problem (this one, a kershaw sapphire, and a kershaw baby boa).

Anyway - the newer mini SOCOM Elite - how does it differ beyond the new screws and frame-lock? Is the bushing stainless and does it still use the wave washer? Also - those that have had both - is the framelock much better strength wise? In other words is it worth it to pick up the newer version based on my comments here?