My first order with Kailash, then my second.

Thanks! They're actually very busy people running everything and it's hard for them to fit in sending out the photos individually alongside that. It's a very important thing though and the guys understand that missing out on pictures would mean that a big part of the experience was absent. We try to automate what we can but this particular step remains stubborn!
I just received an email from DHL, I have a package inbound from Kathmandu. My last updates said my Angkhola Ek Chirra was waiting for the oil quench and my Mini was forged and queued for grinding (it's too early for word on my MK-1). I assumed my next updates would be regarding the next stages of the production - but this is even better!

Tracking says my package, I'm assuming the Ek Chirra, is shipping from Kathmandu today, 4/4 with estimated delivery of 4/8 (on the outskirts of Nashville, TN). Packages I've ordered from Ireland have all spent a week or more stuck in New York's Customs and Postal Hell, I'm assuming a package from Nepal would enter the U.S. from the West Coast?... we'll see what happens.

In any case, my first khukuri should be arriving soon with my second coming fairly soon after that. I'm so glad I found out about Kailash Blades before I ordered from a different khukuri house, I just wish khukuris weren't so... addictive.

I can't wait to get my Ek Chirra out in the woods to see what it can do.

edit: Just got the shipping email from Kailash Blades, my Ek Chirra is "headed to cargo" (shipping?) and should arrive in my eager little hands in about 5 to 10 days.

The ordering process, the update emails and photos, and the accessibility of Andrew for questions: regarding everything from build options to the handling characteristics of different models (and everything in between), have all made for such a great experience for me as a customer. My sincere thanks go to everyone at Kailash Blades for contributing their time and talent to making my very first, authentic khukuri. There will be many more to come, and they'll all be from Kailash Blades.
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Nice! I've checked in with the team and unfortunately we missed the grind update due to bisnu being out of the valley for work. In future we'll be moving some of these tasks over to the smiths which will help this to be less reliant on his presence.
If you've got your tracking number then it's likely that your package left KTM a day or two before. Sometimes these DHL packages take seemingly insane routes, however they've proven very dependable and speedy. I'd say the shipping estimate is accurate.
"Headed to cargo" means we've packed it and cargo is picking it up and processing it. It usually ships 3 or 4 days after this then a tracking number arrives a day or two after that.
Great to hear you're feeling positive about the experience! The proof of the pudding will be in the eating though. Let us know how you feel about the knives once they're in hand :)
Thanks Andrew, I'll definitely write a review, with pics if at all possible. While I appreciate the photo updates I received, I'm sure it interrupts the work flow when the guys have to drop what they're doing just to take photos and email me. I'm fine with missing updates if it helps the guys deal with more important demands. I do like getting the shipping confirmation and tracking number though, just so I know when to watch for the delivery.
My 11" Angkhola Ek Chirra was delivered today: full tang, satin blade, steel hardware (and pins), large forest camo micarta handle, performance grind with an od green kydex sheath.
We're just starting a 4 day stretch of rain here, so not much chance of getting pics in the woods. Here's what I took with my phone:

Fresh out of the package:

Showing the crescent moon maker's mark of Mahesh BishwaKarma:

Trying to show the Chirra, it spans from the edge of the spine to the top of the edge bevel and from the bolster to the tip. Hard to see in the pic but it's absolutely gorgeous work:

Close up of the Forest Camo Micarta handle. The pics I'd seen online looked more grey but it's different shades of brown with a few dark green streaks. I'm really happy I chose this for my handle. It looks like it's chipped at the pommel but it's just a swirl of the darkest brown, everything is fit perfectly and it's amazingly comfortable:

While I haven't been able to test it in the woods yet, the fit and finish and overall attention to detail are outstanding and I couldn't ask for a finer blade. The throat area is sharp enough to shave arm hair and the balance is outstanding. While it feels good with a 2 & 2 grip (2 fingers above the ring and 2 below), it feels best with a 1 & 3 grip, with just enough room that the pommel sits flush with the base of my hand.

I hope Mahesh and the team at KB are as proud of making this khukuri as I am to own it. This is definitely going to be a family heirloom.
Great to hear you're happy with the blade! I've linked your comment through to the blacksmiths and bisnu will read it to them the next time they're all together :)
It's cool to see the chirra in the kydex there. The scales may be looking particularly dark as they've been recently oiled. If you'd like to grey it up a bit you can give the handle a wash with soapy water. Or you can just keep on using it and then give it a scrub when the rest of the blade needs it.
Thanks Andrew, I appreciate you passing along my thanks. I really like the way the micarta turned out, it's pretty close to a wood grain pattern. Assuming it's like the rest of the micarta I've used, the natural oils in my hands should keep it looking pretty much like it is now. The canvas gives it just enough texture for a secure grip without creating hot spots and the design of the handle itself gives the khukuri a good locked in feeling, no worries about my hand sliding up onto the blade. The balance feels perfect, especially with a 1 & 3 grip, so it feels much lighter than it is. I can see where a rat tail tang would've given it a more weight forward balance, even with a 2 & 2 grip, and would've made this an even more powerful chopper - but I like what I've got very much and I think it'll make a great all around khukuri.

I'm pretty sure I'll be carrying this horizontally (right hand cross draw) but I'll have to try it both ways to see what works best. I'm going to give the sheath a little blast from a hair dryer to snug up the retention a little around the bolster - just my personal preference. The retention is fine as is but I like a little more resistance to safeguard against thick brush snagging the grip and pulling it loose.

I'm anxious to get this khukuri out into the woods so I can find out what it's capable of. It's made me even more curious how my 7" Mini and MK-1 will feel in hand and how all three will perform.
Love the looks of it. That handle looks comfy and the kydex sheath is nice as well. It looks like it'll be a great outdoors setup. Congrats nice score. Let us know how it holds up on the hardwood. Thanks for sharing, 👍