My First Simonich - a Long Winded Story

Feb 26, 2002
I have been collecting blades for years now. I started with katanas, then khukuries, and finally worked my way down to knives. I have gone through different periods of purchasing knives over the years. There was a multitool phase, a pocket knife phase, the large knife phase, the small knife phase etc. I have a strange fettish in blades - I love simplicity. Even in my katana collection, my favourite katana is one of the cheapest and one of the first I ever bought - a Kris Cutlery katana - very basic, very functional, nothing fancy - just love it.

I shortly retire. Once that happens, lack of readily available cash to feed my hobby will be gone and my knife buying days will be over. Swapping will probably be the next phase in my hobby. On reflection, I decided that before that happens I would buy the two very special knives that have left an indellible mark on me and which for some mystifying reason over the years I never got around to buying. For some unknown reason, the pictures and descriptions of these two knives had impressed me greatly. From first sight, I have always wanted them. Why didn't I buy them - always meant to - I don't know. I remember there was a long wait time on one and I lacked the patience to wait when a lesser knife was available immediately, and I think lack of cash at the time for the other. The two knives that left a lasting memory for me were the Dozier Professional Guides knife and the Simonich Raven. I love the simplicity and functionality in each and both these two fitted my mind's picture of the perfect knife.

Well, I have a Dozier Pro Guides knife on order. It will be with me in a few months. Unfortunately, the 6 to 7 inch tactical blade area of my collection is pretty well balanced and if anything, I had too many knives in the area, including one beautiful custom. So it looked like I would once again pass on buying the Raven. A pity, I really wanted a Simonich knife to round off my collection. When I went to the Simonich website, and it has been years now since I last did that, there was this 4 inch blade with a guard - sort of like a miniature Raven. Now until recently I didn't have a lot in the way of 3 inch to 4 inch fixed blade size knives in my collection. I have rectified that in the last few months by buying a K-2 Dozier and a Yukon Dozier and good fortune smiled on me when I was given a Fallkniven F1. All are great knives and will be users but I didn't have anything with a substantial guard in that size range. The knife I was looking at on the Simonich website was the Urban Raven.

The Urban Raven - not only did it's looks appeal to me (probably not quite as much as the Raven, but pretty close), but it would complete a part of my collection. It would also mean that at long last I had a Simonich knife in my collection - my first. It was about 7am one morning (Australian time) this week when I decided I wanted one. It must have been about 4pm or 5pm in the US. On spec, I phoned Simonich Knives. I had no idea on availability and I wanted one now. I mentioned before I think that patience in waiting for a knife has never been one of my virtues, but Fortune smiled on me. A very warm and welcoming voice answered the phone, it was Christine and yes she had a DLC Urban Raven available in stock. Well, that's the end of my long winded story. Now all I have to do is wait for the mailman. Did I mention before, I hate waiting. When my first Simonich arrives, I'll have to let you know what I think of it. Somehow I don't think I will be disappointed.
Rob's Urban Raven is, unfortunately, my only Simonich knife. It is beautifly designed. Fit and finish is excellent. It cuts like a hot knife through butter and feels great in my hand.

I don't mean to make your wait even more painful, but I'm sure it will be worth it. You'll love this knife. Enjoy it.
Here are my two Simonich blades other than my Urban Raven. Top notch stuff and the Gunner Grips are fantastic. Sure do miss Rob.

My Urban Raven arrived today. It is a beautiful knife. I love the grips. But I have a problem with the sheath. How do you get the knife in and out of the sheath. I had to get a large screwdriver to open up the kydex on the side where the guard is covered, and then when I want to resheath the knife, that side of the kydex has closed up and the knife can't be put back in. Am I doing something wrong here? Is there some technique I should be following to get the Raven in and out of the sheath? Someone help me please, this is just too beautiful a knife not to use but I can't work out the sheath.