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My first Swamp Rat is HERE!!! Yippeee!!

Dec 10, 2005
Here's some pix of my HR LM, I think everyone knows the specs.:D





Congratulations I can't see your pics but I remember the feeling of my first Rat, they are truly great knives.

Ted, Oh-oh, you're in trouble now. ;) :D The slope is steep and the ride is fast. Enjoy it!

Wow, those are *great* pics!
I absolutely agree!!! Those are exemplary in their even lighting. Do you use a light tent?
I absolutely agree!!! Those are exemplary in their even lighting. Do you use a light tent?

Nope, diffusion panels and a Profoto light. I've been lighting commercial products for a long time. I wanted to try my hand at photographing knives. It's fun, but still room to improve.:D

Thanks for the kind words.
CongRATS on a sweet blade Ted!! :thumbup:

...and outstanding pictures. :D
Great blade man. Looks sized right to work all day too.

BTW, is that a Fenix loght in the pix? I have one and love it too.

Thanks for the excellant pix.
Ruh row yer in trouble now. The addiction begins. then as it progresses you will start sniffing out Infi.
I love the AK 47 but don't quite get the name. You can get a real AK for that price. Should have named it the Sig 210. There has been alot of talk on sword
forum about tactical sword design and Busse already did it.
I have not even recieved my first scrapper 4 and already I am looking for a bigger blade from the Busse extended family. Good thing the bowie is coming out but a mini mojo or even better a mini spec ops would be perfect. This is how the madness starts isn't it? I can't wait for the next extravaganza.
AK-47 means American Kensai w/ a 47cm blade length. Personally, I think my Bark River Northwinds are better designed and more effective short swords, but the Busse is probably tougher.

The flashlight is a Fenix, btw.