My folders are growing in size (need advice to save $)

Big Dave

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Dec 18, 1998
Happy Weekend Everyone,

Like the title says, I keep wanting larger and larger pocket knives. I started out with that 2” knife that fell in the toilet. Now I’m at a 3” blade for a daily carry and ready to step up to a 3.5” blade. But, I don’t want to shell out the bucks for a nice 3.5” and then long for a 4”. Keep in mind that I work in an office, wear light weight slacks and try to act professional.

I’m thinking that many of you have been down this road before. So, maybe this growth thing is predictable.

I know a specific knife would help clarify things. So for discussion purposes let’s take the Terzuola ATCF (9” overall, 4” blade) and the TTF-3A (the smaller version with a 7-3/4” overall length and 3.5”blade).

If I’m like the rest of you who have been into knives longer than me, what size blade will I be ending up with for a daily carry- 3.5” or 4”? Any predictions?



I would predict a 4" blade, Dave. If this knife is to be carried all day, try to find one that is thin, light weight, and comfortable. I carried a large AFCK for a long time not realizing how uncomfortable it was, till I wore my Military for the first time. If it has a clip make sure it rides comfortable in all positions(standing, sitting, running, jumping)so you know what your getting into. I haven't gotten into the high dollar knife market, and yet to handle any custom (except some nice Randalls).
my $.02
Big Dave,

I am a scientist and work in the lab and office. I carry a Crawford KFF with a just under 4" blade. I carry it in a "Inside the Pocket Sheath" because I was once asked about the clip.

Big Dave; take a look at the folders made from Kit Carson. I have two. Overall length is 5 1/4" on each, blade length 4" on one, 4 1/4" on the other.

The 4 1/4", which Kit calls his #16 long, is made with c-fiber scales, inlaid titanium liner lock, and titanium clip. It is very light, and has a Stellite blade.

The other knife is more rugged; Ti scales, a full Ti liner lock, and a 420V blade. It is a little heavier, but nearly as comfortable to carry as the c-fiber one. Either of these knives is much more comfortable to carry than a large Sebenza.

A T Barr also makes a very nice folder in this blade length range, however the one I have has a blade made from thicker stock than the Carson knives, and is extremely robust. A T has stopped taking orders, as he is over 2 years backlogged, so you may have to search one out at a dealers. Walt
Thanks for the tips.

I thought that bigger would be the trend.

I did fondle a Carson model 16 with all Ti handles. I was really impressed with it. It was light , thin and long. What impressed me the most was the smooth action. I didn't know that Ti could be so attractive.

That's very interesting about the ATCF being so uncomfortable to carry. Comfort is a priority.

Axel, what is the “inside the pocket sheath?” Is it simply a soft sheath. I have really enjoyed the pocket clip on the small Sebanza because you don’t notice the weight of the knife. I would prefer not to have a large knife in the bottom of my pocket due to the weight and buldge.

There are so many great knives. In time I hope to have all of them. But, that’s a costly wish.



Should I comment?


Except to say: 5.5 INCH MINIMUM!


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