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MY Girlfriend,Knifebox & Bladeshow Revisited


Feb 4, 1999

You have heard the story of how my gal got a wooden box at Ikea and made it into a knifebox... you heard about how on the way up to the Solvang Knifeshow she showed me how fast she could open her KISS and her Benchmade... I told you how I was to look for something CUTE for her at the Atlanta Bladeshow... BUT NOW THIS .... she is looking at fancy knives, ones with etching or engraving on the handles, what am I to do?

I was warned on one of the other post that this could happen I thought IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ME and now to my horror it's comming true.

She is looking at some of my knife mags and telling me ones that she likes. She wants me to decide if has good steel and she will tell me if she likes the handle.

Oh wo is me, is my life over as I know it, must I hock the family jewels to satisy her needs :)

Someone help me as I need advice fast, I leave for the Blade show very early tomorrow and will not have access to a computer till Tue. of next week!

Signed, Running out of cash in California


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Dude, here's the solution to your problems. Buy a good grinder and start making your own knives. Let her do the finish work on the handles and blades, which is the labor-intensive, time-consuming, and difficult part, anyway!
My wife came to me the other day with the latest issue of Blade and said I like this one...........The new Speed-Tech Synergy.

Gee thanks Jim O'Young, now I have to buy one for her too.

C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "
At least you guys get to look at their pretty knives. Every time I ask my wife for a knife, I feel like Oliver Twist asking for more gruel.

Give in, bud. It's over. You might as well enjoy them together and face reality. Is your wife going to the show with you? Mine is. Could get expensive, but that is a good problem to have in my opinion. See you there.

It IS a lot better than what I get:
"what's this OBSSESSION with knives?"
"All those knives care me...they are weapons!"
"Why are you SO FASCINATED with knife kits?! You're scaring everyone we know!"
Etc etc. All her friends think I'm "weird" because I have an interest in knives. The most ironic thing is that whenever they need a knife when we're out, guess who they ask? Whenever I'm not around, guess who's carrying around a huge kitchen knife for "self-protection"? Yet I'm the scary one! ;-) Ironic indeed! Anyway, count your blessings that you have a hobby you can both enjoy and, more importantly, that she is able to appreciate for what it is. It may be more expensive that way, but it is better than nagging and having to defend yourself around a bunch of yentas (as Howard Stern likes to say) all the time!
You know making knives might be a cheaper way to go haha. Sounds like she's been bitten hard. Time to attend those ABS classes I think.


Tom Carey
You'll have plenty to choose from at the Blade Show. The knife I got last year was a engraved Spyderco Pegasus. And may I say it is very nice indeed. There is a picture of it on the web some place. I'm sure your wife will find something reasonable. Just don't buy nothing untill you have walked down all the aisles and looked at all the tables. Thats what I did last year and it helped alot.