My girlfriend wants to buy me new knife!!!!!

Nov 14, 2000
Tonight over dinner my girlfriend really blew me away! She said she would buy me a new knife of my choice for Valentines Day. Any suggestions?
Why, a Brend Model 2 subhilt, of course

If you don't like it, you could trade it to me
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Guntaholic:
Any suggestions?</font>

Keep her

Does your new knife have a price range?
Thanks Guys... Owen, you can bet I will keep her! I figure around a $100 dollars or so...

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Considering I have no IDEA what you already have, you might want to consider a random task.... Nice knife.
We need details!
What do you have? What do you lack/need/want (that should be quite a list).
Based on my limited knowledge of the opposite sex, get something that you will carry alot, so she can see you use it.
Okay I really like tactical folders...
I have:
Spyderco Starmate
Spyderco Gunting
Spyderco Merlin
Spyderco Chinook

Benchmade Strykey (my favorite carry knife)
Benchmade Eclipsce
Benchmade CQ-7

Emerson CQ-7
Emerson Commander
Emerson La Griffe
Fred Perrin LaGriffe
Cold Steel neck knife
And a few auto's
Thanks for all the help!!!
You know, a lot of guys on here talk about fancy and expensive and usually large folders or fixed bladed knives.

I would recommend that you ask her for a knife that you can carry, most anywhere, anytime, a real everyday using knife - which would of course depend on your everday needs.

Just my opinion.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Guntaholic:
Tonight over dinner my girlfriend really blew me away! She said she would buy me a new knife of my choice for Valentines Day. Any suggestions?</font>

Maybe it's time for a nice small custom fixed blade! Cruise the links for custom makers here, you can't believe what's available for right around $100.
Gather pictures of the knives you like and then make her choose. That way she will feel proud and maybe buy you another knife.

I suggest you get a MT UDT.
Livesay/JVC sandbar bowie! Gotta order by Feb. 2 to get that price though. I got mine.


Gotta love a woman that buys steel for her man.
Hey man, she is a keeper..... Go for a custom of course.


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SERE 2000!!!!!!! What a woman!

Peter Atwood
You should get a BM940. Excellent EDC knife.
But....have her send it to me 1st so I can check it for any defects.

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Thanks Guys... I was thinking maybe a microtech lcc or benchmade 690 if she can find one....I like the idea of letting her pick one out from a group of photos too....
Might try and wait for the new microtech amphibian... saw a pic today and it looked very nice.
ok, budget 100 bucks.....GRECO

anything by GRECO is AWESOME!!!! and most of his knives are under 100 bucks.

I love GRECO knives.

John Greco once lived in a cave and made knives.....

Now John Greco lives in a house with a phone and he has become famous for his incredible knives. All knives made from big fat chunck of steel.....

check them out!

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Really Cool, now she is even checking this post by herself LOL!!! Maybe a knife nut in training!!! Thanks Again
The main question is: how much does your girlfriend think you are worth?

If she is reading, maybe she will register and tell us. It would be terribly useful to know how much cash she wants to spend to make you happy