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Mar 19, 1999
This years featured demonstrators will be Tai Goo, DonFogg,Howard Clark and Rick Furr
The event will take place March 11th, 12th, and 13th 2005 at Lonesome Pine Forge (Larry Harley's). Cost of the event is $75.00, and a bag of REAL wood charcoal.

Preregistration is required. PLEASE pre register so I can keep track of the # of participants. For more information or to register, contact Larry Harley by clicking here. or by downloading registration form and sending it along with fee.

This event will be geared toward a small informal gathering . With this years emphesis will be on damascus in all its many forms.

we will make boxed, laminated and crucible iron sand steel and wootz

I am asking all participants to bring projects you are working on and I'm also asking that you bring something that didn't quite workout or something you are having trouble with or questions about.This should facilitate the leaning experience.

We will also have an iron in the hat Sat. afternoon. Please bring something for the iron in the hat.

Sunday afternoon will be free to the general public.

We will have a a round table and a knife show so bring knives

I will have several forging stations set up so that participants will have the opportunity for hands-on after demos. Please bring your own steel.

There are several cheap no-tell motels close by

There's been a rumor floating around that there are several pickers and players showing up. If you play an instrument, please feel free to bring it and pick with us.

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