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My Hossom Bowie is no longer in Mint condition


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Oct 19, 1999
So it's snowstorming here in Pittsburgh.. what can be more romantic that going up to a rooftop to do some bounty hunter action hero roleplaying in the blinding snow

It must have been funny to see a scrawny asian with a filled milkjug as well and package of semi frozen steaks and wire hangers going up with th e bundle across the apartment hallway up to the roof.. (probably some satanic ritual

like the subject says my bowie is no longer in mint condition. For the record this was one of my first hossom knives (www.hossom.com).. a Bowie with a 12 inch blade.


FIrst I put the filled milkjugs on a tall slender tin that has a diameter a bit smaller than the milkjug so a slight push will topple the thing.. I dunno if this is a legit test or not but it gave me the willies after I did it.

I proceeded to do a #1 slash (top right to botom left) then a #3 slash (right to left horizontal) on the hapless milkjug (I was drinking milk like MAD this week

it was the third cut that toppled the structure and cut the gallon jug with a big piece dangling.. So you might say big deal a kitchen knife can do this.. I havent tried and I should just for comparison - but the first 2 cuts were silent, fast and I felt NO resistance. The 2 clean cuts just flew off like the movies. NO movement to the structure.

To veteran testers I apologize if this is a test with no basis - can all BIG knives do this? I am a newbie at this but want to share my ecstasy

making a makeshift 'dangling carrot' setup with string, steak and a wire hanger I did the wussy version of Gaucho's leg of lamb test.. Come next week I am goign to get a piece of meat with big bones in it

My god.. I pity all the people in the world who have Hossom bowies sitting on their walls. I am honoured to join the league of the Hososm groupies who have actually used their blades.
I wanna use this puppy to conquer the world.

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If you play with love you will be heartbroken; if you play with knives you will [bleed]
Outstanding Sniperboy!!!! Lmao, it sounds like you had a blast! Umm, did you eat the steak??

Take care!! Michael

Always think of your fellow knife makers as partners in the search for the perfect blade, not as people trying to compete with you and your work!
Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms!!!

Ain't it just damned near the best feeling in the world to swing at something substantial with a great blade like one of Jerry's bowies and see it part like butter?

Welcome to the club



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

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It is a GREAT rush Gaucho. I need to get myself some substancial meat next week =).. okay imagine now te stares of the little old ladies as I drag this bloody leg up 2 flights of stairs to the roof
and yes Mr. L6 you know what's for dinner tonight

everyone on campus is off on ski trips and the snow is howling here.. nice to see a very imaculate campus with very little mud or footprints.. walking across the field to the computer cluster I must have measured 5 inches at least of fluffy virgin snow... PERFECT duelling atmosphere as if it were from a movie

fun fun fun!

it slices it dices it JULLIANES!!!

using my knives.. humph what a concept

[FAKE01].[the mirror site](www.rejectionist.com)
If you play with love you will be heartbroken; if you play with knives you will [bleed]

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Woo-Hoo! Some funny stuff there, Mr. Sniperboy. Especially that deadly "dangling carrot test".

And you know what? My Hossom MB isn't in mint condition either. Just like most of the dudes in the infamous HOSSOM GANG we enjoy swinging our knives with reckless abandon, destroying everything in its path. "Dangling" objects, watch out! Wet newspaper? HA! Thick ass foam covered with old jeans? HA! Wood from a pallet I found in the alley? Double HA! Tightly bundled bamboo mat I stole from my mom's house? HA! Frozen dead animal carcasses? HA! Icicles hanging from the garage? (Don't know, didn't try; too cold out
) Plastic containers of water, or anything else from the recycle bin...HA!

And carrots? Well, carrots are the main enemy of Hossom knives, and that's why Sniperboy and I just LOVE cutting them so much! DIE CARROT DIE!!

Good times.....good times!

Bet you were a sight to behold! I can relate!

I had made an over the shoulder scabbard for a David Goldberg wakazashi and was running up and down our road testing it to see if it would plop out on it's own, I know I looked humerous for sure! (it stayed in the scabbard by the way)

You should really have these episodes filmed an let others enjoy them as well!



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Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Virgins (and virgin knives) are over rated in my book. Glad you broke it in. Looking forward to the next snow storm report!


He who has smelt the smoke is never free again...

I live just over the hill in Forest Hills, we should get together. I just got a 12" (19.5" OAL) Mineral Mountain White River bowie - it is balanced and huge. I did some cutting tests this weekend and it cut and destroyed everything in its path - momentum with a razor's edge is a wonderful thing.

I will bring the leg of lamb - we could do some tests.