Review My JEmade Collection

Feb 3, 2014
This is actually like a sharing and reviewing, which I should do like a long time ago.

I got my first Jemade knife in 2017. It is a black carbon fiber inlay slip joint with a great oxidized black blade. I was so impressed by the quality of this knife, especially at this price range. As day went by, I already purchased three JEmade Slip Joint knife. All good quality and good design. The recent one I got is called Ray, I think. (It seems till now JE does not have a very easy remembering naming system.)

These JEmade knives have become a good pal in my life now. Recently I moved to Edinburgh from Nashville, most time in an area with the most strict knife control law. My only carrying option right now is a slip joint. I am and always will be a Sebenza guy. (I spent crazy amounts of money on rare Sebenzas….) JEmade actually prove me that even without lock, these knives are reliable. After carrying two JEmade daily base, I really hope to write the article. In knife world, I do not think we need more expensive thousand dollars custom fancy knives. We only need well-made quality knife with good designs.

JEmade provides small batch production knives, which is similar to CR\Hinderer…. Their current product line is mainly about slip joint with modernized materials. The design of JEmade is based on the traditional designs and with minor but brilliant improvements. Traditional design with modern materials makes their product cannot go wrong. If you like slip joint and are satisfied with their aesthetically, nothing could go wrong. Recently they did an amazing design improvement is to bring the easy quick disassemble tech on their newest slip joint model Ray, Which is amazing. Maintaining and cleaning for a slip joint could be such a pain in ass. And you may need to send them back to the factory to adjust it. With this new tech, you could simply do it by yourself. That is what we need in the current knife and gear community - practical.(Here is a video by Nick to show the disassemble.


The other point I wanna made is the build quality. They use good Ti scale, strong stainless steel spring, brass washers and S35vn steel. Not only the material, finished is also amazing. In their price range, there is not a lot rival for them. Maybe TRM….. The new CR Impinda maybe a match but it is like $250 high.

I carry a keychain JEmade slip joint and the first model they made everyday. The keychain JEmade is a good companion to my Mcgizmo Sapphire, both only made for satisfying the smallest and most necessary need. The spring is strong with its small body. And you do not need to worry about accidentally closing. It is perfectly good for package opening, and looks so much cooler than a Swiss army knife. (This is the only way to justify the relatively impracticability.)


I carry their first model because it has the strongest spring in their whole production line. I really likes frame lock knife while I cannot carry them in UK. So I prefer the stronger the better. (Though there are critics regarding opening this knife, it is not my concern.)

Very cool. I've never bought one but I've considered it many times. They tend to be pretty stylish.