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My Knife Broke


Mar 30, 1999

I was just outside carvin up a piece of wood when all of a sudden i had an idea.I will see how strong some of my knives are.At the time
I had a Gerber EZ out and a Steel
Endura on me.I first tested the
Gerber-it failed but it took a descent lick.Then I got the Endura, popped the blade with the little piece of wood(not nearly as hard as the Gerber)and SNAP!!!!
It Broke!! A Quarter inch piece of the lock just snapped off.The top portion where the blade rests in the opened position.I couldnt believe it!!With such little pressure too!Anyways,will Spyderco fix my knife or not?It should have been stronger than that.It was brand new.
Thanks for listening!

What did you do with the poor thing?
Did you try to split firewood, using the knife as a wedge?

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The one thing I notice about Endura is the whole pivot and locking mech. is much smaller than that of the BM Ascent. The Ascent has oversized pivot and locking mech. which I now prefer. -AR
RJT, what exactly did you do. Was it hitting the spine of the knife? Anyway, post the details in the Spyderco forum and you will probably get a prompt response from Spyderco.

We will take care of it for you...send it in Insured, and enclose a note with the problem and a return address. Write me personally if you need an address.

There you go. Do the people from Spyderco know what customer service is or what! Been on this group for a few months, and Rec.Knives,(the other white meat), for much longer, and have yet to hear that Spyderco did not stand behind their product.

Live free and buy. It's the American way.

In my opinion, you abused the knife. Knives are made to cut, not for you to try and see how strong they are. Spyderco pays big bucks to R&D people. You are lucky they are such a customer oriented company. Try sending a broken knife to Case (I did) and see what you get (broken knife back). A satisfied customer tells five friends, a dissatisfied customer tells a hundred.
I think my post about the Ascent vs. the Endura was a bit unnecessary. I have 2 Enduras, and I loved em' both. Now, it's my G10 Rookie that I truly love. Sorry for the rude post eariler. -AR
Thanks djo62 and Spyderco!! I will send my knife back soon.I aprecciate
the support.As far as it being abusive,maybe so.That is beside the point.A steel endura should hold up better than a gerber ez-out period.It is one thing to make the lock fail,but that knife shouldnt break .
And all that about Spyderco spending alot of money repairing and servicing knives,get real.I dont feel sorry for them, they get alot of my money.
I love Spyderco knives and always will.Point is, I would rather carry
a Endura over a Gerber EZ-out anyday!
Maybe this knife just had a weak spot
or something.I am happy with all of my Spydercos,I was just dissapointed
that a EZ-out held up better than the
Endura.I can tell you one thing though,I will never test my knives like that again!Anyways,I am happy to hear that Spyderco stands behind their knives.I will purchase more Spyderco knives in the future because I do think they are great!
Thanks again Spyderco!!

Yep.....Spyderco really shines here.
Didn't have to, either. I don't think very many forumites would have been too sympathetic with someone who pushed a knife beyond what would seem to be reasonable limits and then said "IT broke. Should have said : "I destroyed it"
Good one Spyderco

If I have misjudged the "test" it is because of the way in which it was described.

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I can tell you one thing though,I will never test my knives like that again!

That I would reconsider. From your description it sounds like you hit the knife on the spine with a stick and damaged the lock mechanism. That should be fairly difficult to do, look at the posts made by Sal in the following thread :


No an Endura is not a Military, but it should still be a fairly strong knife. Now it depends on how hard you hit it but it sounds like the problem was with the knife not with what you did. I have used an Endura to cut through some roots before and I had to hit it pretty hard on the spine to drive it through. It came through with no problems and it was taking some heavy hits.