my knife design!

Oct 2, 1998
Ok, here it is, i finally finished the final design of my knife (believe me, there are more drafts than these shown here). Alan Folts will be making it, special thanks goes out to ShadedDude who helped make the whole process faster! And to DC who also helped me on the pic!

here it is:


the bottom one was the first sketch i made, the top one will be pretty much the final one, maybe some minor changes as me and alan move along. The middle one is the same as the top one, but with a flat grind, which may be a possiblity. But I think we will go ahead with the hollow grind. The design came from old persian/arab daggers.

Tell me what you think, and help me name it, I need a name for it, Alan has suggested "MFC". hehe
Ok, here's the deal, if you're the one who comes up with the name I end up using, or a deciding influence, you win a black Sypderco Ladybug, and a Buck mini-tool! good keychain stuff there man!
deadline is Jan. 1st.

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Nice. Reminds me of the big scimitar in The Three Stooges' "Malice in the Palace".
Perhaps you should name it "Curly".

Never carry a knife shorter than your schnoz.

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Good classic setup. I like the pommel with the pointed tip for the odd smash, you've got enough lower guard to prevent slip-up on a hard target stab, there's finger guides but they're not deep enough to restrict "flow"...oh ya.

Excellent classic fighter, but can be passed off as a "skinner/utility" type so it isn't an instant cop magnet.

One thing, I think you'll want to start with a fairly thick spine and have Alan taper it properly. Too many of these types get done with too weak a blade for stabbing.

Alan's a GREAT maker. I'll be discussing the sword blade he made for me ASAP, haven't had time yet and am still deciding on finishing options.

Jim March
wow, thanks Jim! I like it too

the finger cutouts are more for comfort...
I'll try deepening them a bit, see if that works. I didn't think it'd be a stabber anyway though.
Jadis, It looks awesome!

Now, what about materials and finish, leather or kydex sheat?

For a name, what about "Prince of Persia" (nice game BTW)

Good look and post a picture as soon as you have it

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer
Jadis, I really like the design. What blade material will you use? Can you describe the handle a little more? Is the handle going to have a polish finish or something non slip or both?

Looking forward to seeing it when it's done!

Coho61 (Greg M)
Kodiak Alaska

To quote terrence and Phillip, I would call it "the monkey claw"


Hmm, perhaps you could inscribe "Cop Killa" on the blade, I think that would endear you to the local LEOs =P

=- Craig
I would call it the "Rhino". The blade shape looks just like a Rhino horn to me and it gives the sense of a very powerful blade.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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I would call it:


Why? It's an inovative design and near the year 2000 so why not? I was just reading an article in Newsweek on the Y2K bug causing more than a few folks to prepare for life without computers if it "crashes". I then thought I'll need a good knife to see me through the millenium.

Or you could call it the Millenium....I gotta stop reading Newsweek

Coho61 (Greg M)
Kodiak Alaska

Looks good … of your options I personally prefer the rounded pommel. It will make it smoother transitioning from forward to reverse grips. I also prefer your finger grooves. It's a blast working on your own knife design isn't it ? This reminds me of the first "Genghis". As far as a name my entry is "Sleek Sheik". Best of luck with the project however with Alan as your maker I'm sure that you will be more than pleased.

DC made a touched up version of the pic. The handles will probably be snakewood, a micarta guard. The blade is ATS34, a satin hollow with mirrored flats.

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DOH! Should've seen that one.

But no, I mean, is it a fighter? Is it for field work? If so, what kind? Is it everyday carry? What kind of surrounding is this knife meant for? etc.
Well, I think it will be a daily carry. Purpose? i dunno, scare the sh*t out of those wimpy canadian muggers here?
But seriously, I just wanted to design a knife that was pleasing to my eye, so I came up with this.
Nice design Jadis. What do you mean by copying though? I ask because I´m also toying around with some ideas, which aren´t exactly like yours but bear some strong sembalances.
Have fun with your beaty

well, I meant more along the lines of clones/exact duplicates. Obviously I can't REALLY stop people from being copycats. Also it's not exactly like the design is completely original, upswept blades have been around for a long time. If you want to design something like what I did, then go ahead Mick, have fun!
Works for me, Jadis. If need be, I think it'll scare wimpy Canadian muggers too. Hehe.
I think it should be Tukalbi, a anglicization of the Sumarian word for 'his/her weapon'