My knife idea - picture

Aug 3, 1999
Helo all,
this is my first knife which I made from annealing steel. Steel is similar AISI420, HRC 55-57. What you think about it.


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Not bad! What kind of finish did you used? I can't really tell, it looks like bead blasted. I like the 3 holes that you've drilled out in the center but if you don't mind me commenting, i prefer a dark coloured cord. Black or olive would be nice. What are the dimensions?
Overall, i think it's A-O.K!
Fininish is very simple: etching by aqua regia for a few second. Surface is gray - from light do dark - depend on etching time. White cord I used, because I get only white or pastel colour. Diameter is 5 mm (about 1/5").

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Pavel, that is nice for your first effort. It reminds me of the Ek Combat knives.
Well, why not start right out with a double edge! If you can make your grind lines straight on one of those, other styles will be easy!! The design is straight forward and looks pretty functional with the serrations. I like the white cord.
I don't epoxy coat my wrapping. My customers say they have fun undoing the wrap and trying other materials on the Tantos I make. I have seen everything on them from my standard black silk to O.D. paracord and neon pink roller skate lace!!!
Don't ever sell that knife, no matter how many you make, keep the first one!
Keep up the good work!

Neil Blackwood