my lack of success with mail order

Apr 7, 1999
I have not had a good history with mail ordering knives. At the beginning of the year I ordered an ATS-34 knife from Cabela's. I guess they were very busy from the holidays, but instead of getting my knife they sent me a package of cheese and mustard import snacks. I sent it back paying an extra large sum for shipping since the cheese was so heavy. And then there was my order placed with KC. My order took around two and a half weeks to arive, but that is not too uncommon. The disapointing part was that when I got the box it had been openned already and then subsequently re-taped shut. It seemed as if it had been delivered to the wrong address because the address was circled and multiple bar codes had been placed on the box then crossed out. The package looked as if it was water logged. It had been dropped many times before reaching me. Just today I learned that my 76 dollar money order sent to DK a week and a half ago has not been recieved, and so I will not be recieving my safe keeper any time soon. I suppose I have to go the post office to try and get my money back from the money order, but I forsee much paper work and many months before they give me a refund. Anyone else have problems with the mail? I think I will buy my next knife from a gun/blade show so that I can hold the knife in my left hand while I give my money away with my right.
I just bought 8 knives from at a very good discount. Searching the internet let me find my best prices. I placed my order by phone since I know too much about computers to trust my credit card number in cyberspace. I got just what I wanted in about 2 weeks. Sorry you had so much trouble. Maybe you just ordered from the wrong people.
I like from whom I ordered two pieces from (a S&W and a BM Stryker). It took about one week for both knives (they were different orders). I recommend them, especially with their low prices.
Although I wouldn't buy a knife from them because there are cheaper places to get knives, I've found Cabella's customer service to be outstanding. I bought a very expensive pair of Browning hunting boots from them. After just over a year (they have a 5 year warranty) my Mother-In-Laws "cute little doggie" tore the lining out of one of them. Rather than re-line them with "cute little doggie" hide, I sent them back and might've mentioned something about a manufacturing defect. I sent them return receipt and I got a replacement pair of boots faster than the post office sent me the form saying the pair I sent Cabella's had been received. I also bought a tent from them about two years ago. I recently got a replacement rain fly, just out of the blue, with a letter of apology saying they've decided the original rain fly wasn't that great and I'd probably like the new one better. I've never had a problem with the original but now I have two.

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It's easy to trace a US postal money order and they'll stop payment on it and give you a refund if it hasn't been cashed in a reasonable time -- I think it's 30 days. They don't charge you for the service, either -- you're much better off than if it had been a personal check. Just go to the post office and tell them about it.

-Cougar Allen :{)