My Neil Blackwood LiteWave arrived last night

Jul 21, 1999
I had ordered a LiteWave from Neil about December 11th or so. It arrived yesterday and I'm a very happy camper
I don't have a digital camera, but it looks kind of like this but without the holes in the blade. Also, I ordered mine in A2 instead of the D2 steel. Let me tell you, it looks even better in person than in the picture. Overall length is ~7.5". Blade and handle are split about 50/50, so 3.75" each. The curve in the blade makes the cutting edge actually longer than 3.75: though. Neil did a super job finishing it and boy is it sharp. Scary sharp. I tried the trick of rolling up a piece of paper and taping it together and then trying to slice it with one stroke. At first it didn't work, which was probably my technique or maybe I hit the tape. So I tried an empty roll of paper towls. Swoosh, a clean cut without any torn edges. After that, I managed to do it with the notebook paper as well, so the initial problems were in my swing for sure.
As you can see in the picture, the knife is indexed and that, combined with the thumb ramp gives a great amount of control as well as a secure grip, despite the thin handle (thin compared to knives with handle scales). The kydex sheath holds the knife securely and the knife snaps in nicely. I don't like neck sheath, so Neil added an IWB option to it and it fits great. The whole thing contours to my body so well that I hardly notice that I have it on. Perfect. If anyone is looking for a very comfortable, very elegant and very cancelable knife, then take a closer look at the LiteWave. On top of that, Neil is a great person to deal with. My questions were promptly answered and even after the order was placed, I was kept informed every step of the way.
Great job Neil and thanks again for all your help.

I am glad you like the knife! It was nice to work with some A2 for a change. As I mentioned in our Email I made several of my Large Tantos at the same time out of A2.
The hawkbills work very well for the paper tube cutting trick! The reverse curved cutting edge sort of traps the paper and keeps it from rolling off the tip of the blade. I quit doing that with knives that were finished and sold. About a year ago, on my "follow through", I hit the tip of one on my vise! It made sparks!! Just like on the Highlander!!!
I would like to hear in the future how the edge holds up. I've changed my heat treat process for A2 slightly and am hoping it improves edgeholding.
Thanks for the review! Making you a Happy Camper, makes me a Happy Camper


New Hawkbill Pics!