My new Badger Attack E

Aug 22, 1999
Just wanted to say thanks to Mike Payne of Knives & Things. I met up with him at the Agricenter at the gun and knife show in Memphis today. He was kind enough to hold the BA-E for me for a couple of weeks until the show! Mike told me that I was not allowed to keep it just to look at it, that it should be a user knife, and that I might as well go home and throw it in the dirt in the backyard. Well Mike, here's the pics as proof!



Congrats on the BA-E, that is my favorite Busse.

I agree with Mike, go beat on it, it really makes you appreciate the knife.:D

I was out with mine today, chopping branches and throwing it at a dead tree. ;) Enjoy.

Almost forgot to ask, What's Next?
What's next? :confused:
I'm not sure. Maybe a Mr. Mojo or maybe I'll wait until the folder comes out.;)
All I know is that my Basic #3 now has a companion. :)

congrats on the badger trav!....i wish i had a camera to photograph the ear to ear smile you had when you picked it up at mike's table on saturday at the then had that sh*t eating grin that you were gonna have to go out and destroy something with the badger.....great blade made by a great maker and sold by a great dealer....enjoy it.....feverdoc