My "new" Blade-Tech Pro Hunter

Feb 17, 2008
This is how my "new" Blade-Tech Pro Hunter arrived from The edge was ragged and the blade had some kind of gritty substance stuck to it. The handles had black grime all over them, much more so than the
camera was able to detect. It looked like a garage mechanic abused & returned it without caring one bit about a refund. It was a joke.

Edward Kaye, the owner of, told me that this scenario was "impossible" since he inspects every knife before shipping. He would not allow me to return the knife for a new one. (Also, at $99, this knife was
the cheapest anywhere and he'd lose his shirt on all the extra shipping, he said.) We talked a long time and eventually, grudgingly, he offered me a refund, saying he'd eat the shipping and that that would be the last of our business dealings.

I opted to keep the knife. The damage seemed reparable and I didn't want to risk any problems with the refund. For what I paid -- and as long as this was the only damage -- I felt this deal was OK for such a great knife. The
G10 cleaned up fairly well and there only appears to be a small amount rust spotting. I'll eventually be able to sharpen out the edge.

In the end what bugs me is that I was, by inference, being accused of dishonesty. I must have been trying to swap out my beat up Pro Hunter for a second new one, right? I think he believed he had sent me a new knife,
but he simply would not entertain the possibility that he'd made a mistake. He missed this one, pure and simple. You could tell this knife was crapped-up from across the room. Imagine holding a knife like the one I'm describing -- looking at it in your hand -- while someone on the phone tells you it couldn't possibly look that way!

I imagine this happens here and there, a bad knife shipping out by mistake. And I can understand owners being wary of unscrupulous buyers. Handling returns must be a b***h. And really, how can all these vendors possibly stay on top of all the quality control issues? And when a knife looks as bad as mine did, how many vendors would even agree to a refund, let alone re-ship another knife? What can you do when a vendor tells you the used knife in your hand was new when they sent it?

Any similar experiences?

I'll be taking video when I open knives from now on.



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May 26, 2006
It doesn't look like it came straight from our factory. It looks like someone really beat it up and re-sold it! Send it back to me (Mikey) at Blade-Tech and I will get you fixed up! you can e-mail me at"
Nov 17, 2001
That knife looks used. What's with the wavy edge ? Won't buy a thing from Doesn't sound like they are a reputable dealer.
Sep 14, 2002
Post in GB&U and let everyone know about your bad experience with stellarigs. You might want to mention Mikeys kind offer too.
Dec 22, 2006
I would like to say that I own several blade-techs and I have had nothing but the best of expieriences with them. They are top-notch in every aspect when I get them, but I buy them from New Graham and it looks like you might should do the same in the future. The pro-hunter is an excellent EDC knife and I know that when Mikey fixes the problem you will understand what I mean.
Oct 5, 2005
That $10 you save buying from an unknown vender seems like a good idea at the time - until something like this springs up. I learned a while ago to stick to reputable dealers with above average customer service (NewGraham) because it saves you a lot of heartache. :)


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Mar 15, 2000
Post in GB&U and let everyone know about your bad experience with stellarigs. You might want to mention Mikeys kind offer too.

+1. You might also let know that you've gone public with your complaint. Maybe next time, they'll (a) look a little closer before shipping and (b) believe a consumer up-front rather than put him/her through the ringer before finally offering up a refund. Or, if the worst case scenario is true, maybe they'll stop selling used knives as new.