My new Buck knife

Jun 18, 2000
I have owned an old-style BuckLite for many years and it has served well but I wanted something more modern.
I wanted something with zytel (or similar) handles because it's tough and lightweight and is'nt as "cold" as metal. I also wanted easy one-hand-opening and serrations (I have tons of plain edge knives but not one serrated one) with a blade no larger than 3.5". I also prefer lock-backs to liner-locks. And I also did'nt want to pay alot for the knife.
So I narrowed it down to the Spyderco Delica, Spyderco Rescue Jr., Gerber E-Z-Out, Buck Protege (with studs), and the BuckLite (with studs).
The Buck Protege had great "rubber" handles but was just too fat for pocket-carry.
The Spyderco knives were really impressive but I think alittle too expensive for what you get.
So this left me with the BuckLite and the E-Z-Out: and after a little comparison I chose the BuckLite 422.
It is very light, has a removable clip, thumbstuds, partially serrated blade (which is a modified drop-point), and the price was right.
The initial thoughts:
The handle feels really nice and is shaped and contoured well. Buck has put some holes in the handle and cut out some plastic from the inside to make it lighter than the old BuckLite. They also got rid of all but one finger-groove (I shaved the grooves off my old BuckLite myself). The Blade is bead-blasted or frosted (?) and looks really nice, and it is SHARP too!
Two things I don't like so far: the screw-hole for the clip looks like aluminum and could probably be easily stripped.
The thumbstuds are cross-hatched for better grip but are TOO sharp. I have already filed the stud more to my liking.

Well, that's about it for now. I'll let you know how it holds up.
My old BuckLite is now in the tackle-box.