My new Case Millenium Toothpick

Jan 19, 1999
My Mom (God bless her) picked me up a millenium Case toothpick with red bone handles while her and my dad were driving up to Pennsylvania. It's # 272 of 500. What a nice little pocketknife! Very sharp blade, handle material is well fitted, and the blade snaps firmly open and closed. I had forgotten the pleasure of carrying a traditional pocket knife! I would imagine that when I'm an old man, the MM stamp on the shield and tang will make the knife a collector's piece. I intend to carry it for awhile and relive the pleasure of carrying an "old fashioned" pocket knife before the advent of the "tactical" folder (of which I own many)

Anyone else have a millenium model case?


Chris Canis
Does it have the current date coding system? When does Case start with the new date coding system? January of Y2K?
It does indeed have the new tang stamp with the X's and dots. I think that on next year's models it will become a standard thing. However, I am FAR from being a Ghuru on Case knives!


I'm glad that you have re-discovered the "old fashioned" pocket knife. Kind of a nice feeling isn't it? I have plenty of them and I also carry one. I wish more of the post's here at BF covered them, but most all are of what's the new and latest fad's, which is nice also... It doesn't seem as though there are many traditional pocket knife collector's here.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"

It is kind of a nice change of pace. Even better, I don't get those strange looks using it that I get using my Harpy or Dalton pocket hawk or any of my other tactical knives.

Of course, the downside is I don't have a nice backup weapon in my pocket if I'm carrying this little knife. So, I have to load down with a hip carried pocket hobbit (just in case!)


Chris Canis