My New CRKT Tighe Tac is...

Mar 15, 2001
an awesome knife -- CRKT has done it again. Now, I am an admitted CRKT fan, but I wasn't too excited about the Tighe Tac based on it's looks. Until today, that is, when I had a chance to actually see and try one in person. This is one neat knife. It has a really solid feel to it, the steel is AUS6M (I know that's not a great selling point for some of you), stainless bolsters and liners, seriously grippy thumb rest, and some classy touches ("tie" design cut into the clip, rectangular thumbstud). It has to be one of the sharpest knives out of the box I've ever received. I have terminal case of monkey arm thanks to the knife. :) It also fits in very nicely for those of us who work in an office environment, but still want a substantive knife. And the best part of all this is that it sells for only $45 (maybe less, depending on where you go)! As you can see, I'm pretty thrilled. Thanks for letting me rave :D
I have tried the CRKT M16-04 and liked it very much. I can carry about anything I want, but it has jumped in my pocket a lot. I also have a tighe tac and A large point guard on the way. Maybe tomorrow.......
The Tighe Tac is indeed a nice piece. I prefer the polished AUS6M to the bead blast as it is more resistant to rust. That's why I like the Hammond CRKT Mirage Wharcliffe too. :D