My "new" CS mini tanto

Oct 12, 1998
Lately, I've been thinking about getting a nice neck knife. There are some good offerings out there, but unfortunately I've fallen on hard times and I don't have the money right now to buy a nice custom knife.(infernal tuition fees!) Production neck knives mostly have no proper guard or just don't fill my requirements. So after looking at my collection, I picked up my CS mini tanto that hasn't seen much use, because of its uncomfortable guard and, more important, its terrible sheath. When you clip it to your belt, the knife doesn't ride close to your body. And when you want to carry it in your waistband, you can't get the knife out because the velcro snap can't be opened.
I started looking at it, as if it were a neck knife, instead of a belt/boot knife. I cut the big clip off with a pair of pliers, and punched a hole through the tip of the sheath to put a piece of cord through. My CS mini tanto is now a fairly concealable neck knife. With a little imagination it even becomes a multi carry knife, you can carry it in the SOB by putting it through a belt loop of your jeans and attacht the neck cord to another belt loop. I can also carry it in my waistband pretty securely as well. Should I get a nice custom kydex for my knife? Absolutely! Do I need to? Nope, not for now.
Ofcourse, the guard is still horrible, but I can live with it. I'd better not start to buy a dremel tool