My New Dozier


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Oct 15, 1998

This came on the Big Brown Truck yesterday.
Just in time as I'm taking it to Baxter State Forrest in Maine on Fri.
I plan to put it thru its paces and give you all a full report when I return.
I'll also be taking my Busse Steel Heart E, Leatherman Wave, and my ever present Victorinox Ranger with attached Blue Photon Light.
You won't be dissapointed! Beware, those things are addictive. I started with one, then thought I might add "jut one more" for a slightly different purpose. I've ended up with seven. But I sure do enjoy them, and they will work, and work, and then some. Beautiful knife BTW.
Yeah, thanks.
I've had my eye on his small micarta folders for a long time.
Also, the K1 General Utility.
Bob's knives are priced right, and damn nice looking for users. Just wish I had more discretionary income.
Hey, great knife. I've had a Dozier Pro Guide for awhile now (along with others) and I can't seem to put the thing down around camp and kitchen. I even use it to fillet salmon and it works better than any fillet knife I have. It holds an edge!
Have fun and enjoy.
Lenny, that is one gorgeous knife. Congrats on that bad boy. Let us know how the trip goes. Have fun & be safe out there.
I picked up one with "standard" black scales not too long ago. It has exceeded my expectations thus far. I forsee more Dozier knives in my future...
Lenny, Good luck with your new blade :)
One bad thing though, Bob Dozier's knifes are like Lay's Potato Chips...
You can't have just one:D
I have 2 now, jigged bone slim outdoorsman & personal utility, and want more! I'm lusting for the one featured in the latest Blade (Name??!!), and one of his 'Wood crafts" And then there is the bowie...
Well you get the idea!
May all your knives be sharp,