My new Emerson Commander...


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Oct 2, 1998
Well, I took the plunge and bought an Emerson Commander, primarily because I couldn't pass up the deal.

Here are my initial impressions:

Handle: Splendid ergonomics in either a forward or reverse grip. Scales overlap the liners a bit, instead of being flush on both sides (they are flush on one side, overlapping on the other).

Thumb Disk: it works, is aggressive enough to get good purchase, but not sharp on the fingers. I like thumb studs better, but what the hey, you can't argue with what works.

Clip: Excellent, works on the pockets of different pants without a problem. Really wish it was reversable, though, would be a MAJOR plus.

Blade: Not pointy enough IMO, and it looks like it's going to be a bitch to sharpen, but will be one hell of a cutter with that recurve. I definately am not happy with the fact that it's sharpened on only one side. Maybe Emerson will flat grind both sides one day.

Wave: wasn't sure about this at first, but it's REALLY growing on me now. Since I'm left handed and the clip is non-reverseable, I'm pretty much locked into a reverse grip for the draw, but what a draw! SNAP, plunge! Really has an "oh ****" factor to it, people are pretty suprised when you go with it.

Liner: Goes all the way across when opened with the Wave, very dissappointing, especially with a new knife.

Overall Impressions: Not a bad knife, but I'd hate to pay full retail for one, and there is room for improvement. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one if it had a less blunt point, flat grind on both sides, with a reversable clip, but then, that's practically a whole 'nother knife! I like it for the Wave feature, and it's heft, haven't tried cutting anything with it yet, but am looking for the opportunity and a worthy test material.

My two cents.


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Wait until you start cutting things before
passing judgement on the grind. That single bevel really works, I recently proved that
when my thumb brushed, just lightly, across
the edge. The only thing that stopped the progress of the blade was my thumbnail. The flat back to the edge really reduces drag.
It cuts straight too.

The liner on mine stops in the center of the
blade every time, with or without using the
wave, maybe you should send it back to Emerson to have that fixed.

I use a Spyderco Sharpmaker on mine. It's not
as difficult as it looks.

In my opinion, it's a great heavy duty user,
especially if you got it at a good price.
When I read the post title, I thought to myself, "Hey! Spark got a lefty Commander." I guess they're not out yet. Any idea when the lefties are coming? How does the Commander feel as a lefty-adapted knife, Spark?


I am left-handed and have no problem opening the Commander. The thumb disk is high on the blade wich protrudes significantly out of the handle depression which allows for an excellent purchase of the disk. The clip is mounted high on the handle making it far enough away from the handle depression that the clip does not significantly block access to the thumb stud.

I really like the knife and it is built very well. The scales on mine are perfectly flush and the grind lines on the blade are well done. It is well worth the $180 that I paid for it. It also opens smoother than any manual that I have not counting my Sebenza which cost quite a bit more.

I have read nothing but good things about the Commander. I don't have one (yet!), but the design of the blade seems to be great for slicing. If a commander came with a partially serrated blade would that add or take away from its versatility?