My New Hossom knife.

Dec 22, 1999
This is the first pic that I have of the knife I designed with the considerable help of Jerry Hossom, who also made the knife. And in my opinion he did a hell of a good job.
Blade steel is ATS 34 with a tapered tang and black canvas micarta handle scales held with hollow pins. The balance is as near perfect as it's gonna get. Right above the spot where I put my index finger.
The edge is an impressive piece of work, moran edge with a surprising amount of material , yet it will still shave the hair of the back of my arm. Like Jerry says, this edge is designed to carve chunks out of other knives

It's fast, light and stays rocksolid in my hand even when doing full power snap-cuts. Oooh, I love the small "swish" this blade makes when it carves through the air

I haven't as of yet done any serious cutting, i've only been trying out how it feels in the hand doing backcuts and witiks and such.
So far, very nice.
Here's a preliminary pic.
Sorry about the quality. The middle of next week should see some higher quality pics up for your perusal.
As the end draws near, I have only this to say: Awesome work, Jerry. Couldn't have done it without you!
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Carnifex, I had the pleasure of seeing and handling this knife at the Blade Show. It is everything you say it is. A very impressive piece of work both in design and fabrication. Lovely.

Oh YEAH!!! Me dig your knife big time. Me likee the handle with the slight finger groove, and me likee the blade catcher as well. But baby most of all, I love that blade shape!! Sleek and sinewy. Curvy and contagious. Me want your knife! UGH! UGH!*

*Seeing that knife brought me back to my primitive primordial state, therefore the caveman talk. A big shout out to all your forumites out there for kindly understanding.


Fantastic design! I love the recurved blade profile. The handle looks extremely ergonomic and secure too. The knife as a whole looks wicked fast.

I can't wait to hear how it performs.

Bravo to you and Jerry for creating such a stunning new fighter.



Tuvo muy mala callo en mi cuchillo.

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Nice work, guys - the knife looks beautiful!

Enjoy, Carnifex!

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Hmmmm very nice looking, the finger grooves do look slight enough not to be a nusance as some can be, and that blade, sweeeet stuff!


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Beautiful, absolutely Beautiful. I really like the recurve on the blade.

Beautiful knife carnifex. However, I also like the whale tooth knife, and the little working knife, that are on your site.

Do you happen to have any specifics on what type of steel those are? And the leather-work is downright AWESOME!

Josh and everyone, thanks for your kind remarks. Josh coerced, cajoled and manipulated to get me to do this and to do it his way. I fought it and bitched the whole time, so all the credit for the result is his.

I need to qualify something that was said however, because I am geting flamed on another forum for these causual remarks, which taken out of context can be misleading.

"this edge is designed to carve chunks out of other knives"

Paraphrased, this is intended to mean that given equivalent steel, the heavy edge I use on my blades will likely break the finer edges on many other knives. Those who have seen and know my knives will understand what is meant by this. Those who have not are inclined to label it "hype", without understanding what the edge geometry entails. Not everything is a matter of bevels.

OK, back to our regularly schedule programming. Thanks guys. I appreciate your kindnesses and your remarkable support.

Jerry Hossom
The Tom & Jerry Show
If your stab hits bone, it appears the design anticipated that, and your your hand will not slip down onto the blade. Is that lower half guard also designed to trap an opponents blade Kage? What kind of carry? And you get to hear your blade too!

Tom, Jerry just did what Cliff recommended: correct the exaggeration of a user.