My "New" Ka-Bar Camillus Mark 2 Navy & The Knife I'm Making

Jan 11, 2018

So I picked this on ebay this week for $30 including shipping. It's going to need some cleaning up. I'm guessing I'm going to have to drill out that pin probably. Take some steel wire to clean up the blade.

Below it is a knife I'm basing off the Ka-Barr I got some schematics on. Apparently I'm not reading the measurements correctly. It's going to be a little bit wider. Still working on getting the bevel on the double edge to look right.

Any thoughts on either or both? :)
178317DB-47ED-492C-9A61-A70D18EEFC6B.jpeg Yours looks good so far. The Camillus is pretty worn so don’t make yours that narrow.

The handle kit comes with a new pommel so I cut mine off with an angle grinder. I could not get the pin out.
All the dimensions seem a little off on that knife. Not sure it is the best pattern. Go by the measurements you have and put your own spin on it.
Yeah, I guess it's been worn down from sharpening over the years.

But it does give me a better impression of what I am shooting for. Those schematics though, the measurements are a little hard at times to discern. In particular the fractions.
I was wondering, can anyone actually read the fractions on this schematic. The blade width is it 1 7/12? Where the tang meets the blade is is 9/32, 17/32, 9/32? The bevel is it 5/8? The ricasso 11/32? The upper bevel 2 3/16? 9/64 is that the width from the shallowest end of one fuller to the other side? What's the original thickness of the blade? Thanks.
Do a search on line for "MIL-DTL-20277". You'll find the specifications for the government knife with good drawings that can be saved as .pdf's.