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My new M2 Nimravus: how do I have to care it?

Mar 29, 1999
Dear Forumites,

at last I was able to buy an M2 Nimravus. I bought it at a knife shop here in Rome, Italy (at an outrageous price) because I cannot bear another time all the troubles I had every time I have to deal with Italian Customs.

It is a HUGE knife, to be a small fixed blade!

My question now is this: because I had to clean it after some use, I washed it thoroughly with disinfectant soap and water. Then I shaked it hard, I dryed it with tissue and an hair dryer (for the handle).

Being the M2 a no-stainless steel, should I take the G10 liners of the handle apart to be sure there is no water at all?

Many Thanks in Advance.



I'd imagine the screws holding the slabs on your knife have some lock-tite or something similiar on them. So if you take the slabs off, be sure and use it again, or you might lose the screws. Also, try some light gun oil, I'm not sure whats available in your neck of the woods.


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greetings from austria.

you can also try flitz wax around the handle, once dryed you will get a good protection against water. i use flitz wax on all my show knives and some using knives, works well... and try tuf cloth, great stuff too...

please explain, why did you have troubles with your customs, i assume that they are not smarter or friendlier than the austrian customs but i never had any serios troubles, in the last 4 years i ordered from outside the EU i had to bring at least 3 times some kind of worth proof and i order a lot...
i can give you some hints on the shipping, i don't know if they work but you might try it.