My new Marksman from Lynn Griffith!

Aug 4, 1999
When I ordered my Marksman from Lynn, I never expected it to arrive before Christmas. I got home from work the night before Christmas Eve and found a package from Lynn Griffith on the kitchen counter. I must have looked like a little kid opening it! That made my Christmas, I was a happy camper.
As I unwrapped the knife, I noticed Lynn had attached one of the TEK-LOKs to the sheath. I had until this time, forgotten our discussion about the TEK-LOK and was glad HE remembered! The TEK-LOK is an excellent option for a Kydex sheath. In addition to allowing the sheath to be changed to almost any carry position it adjusts to hold on any belt size. I especially like the fact that is spaces the sheath away from belt just far enough to clear my "love handle". This is very important to me considering the point on the Marksman! Lynn makes his Kydex sheaths as small as possible to hold the knife and change carry positions. There is no extra material on the sheath anywhere. The Marksman’s sheath holds the knife very securely and exposes a maximum amount of the handle.
My first thought as I drew the knife from the sheath was, damn, look at the point on this thing!! I had to feel the point with my finger and yes it was as sharp as it looked. I then passed the blade over a spot on my arm that has some hair left on it.... Scary!!!!
The Marksman measures 8 3/4" long and has a 4 1/4" blade. Its made of 5/32 thick ATS-34. I ordered mine with the red G10 handle material and it looks great against the bead blasted finish of the steel. The blade is a Wharncliffe style with a perfectly straight edge. The spine makes a gentle curve to an incredible sharp point! The handle on my Marksman is about the most comfortable one I have ever held. I have BIG hands and it fits me very well. The finger notch is just right and indexes the knife quickly in the hand. The spine has about a half inch of thumb serration’s that are done perfectly also. After putting my Griffith Sniper though hell, I know Lynn has his ATS-34 heat treating down to a science. I’m not going to abuse this knife!
As far as quality, the Marksman is top notch. The plunge lines are dead even, the handle is glued and pinned without a hint of a gap anywhere. The point is perfectly centered inline with the tang. The G10 is finished so evenly on both sides, the layers look like a symmetrical topographic map! The bead blast finish is consistent over the entire knife. As a knifemaker myself, I know the "problem areas" to look at. I couldn’t find a single thing that wasn’t perfect!
At this point I would like to say that I’ll have a follow up review to go into the performance of the knife…… I just can’t bring myself to use it! A bead blasted, G10 handled knife that’s too pretty to use……Yes, that’s how I feel!
It has been said before and I WILL say it again, Lynn is a pleasure to do business with. He KNOW knives and takes the time to answer questions about his knives. His designs are well thought out and the quality is outstanding.
Thanks for making me and awesome Christmas present Lynn!


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Glad to hear you like your Griffith Knife. Lynn is a great guy to deal with. I spoke with him the other day on the phone. If there is one thing he loves, its knives. I cant wait until Jan. 9th, thats when his testing is taking place, and he was kind enough to invite myself and a couple of others. Test or no test, he is a kick to visit with and talk to. I cant wait for you to use your marksman and give a follow up review. I use my Patrolman quite often, and its still going strong. I think in a couple of months I should have my business going, and that will hopefully free up a few bucks for a knife or two. First on my list is another of Lynns knives. For those who dont own a Griffith......yet
you oughta snatch one up quick. Trust me, you will be glad you did. Everything Dr. Lathe says is right on. The grinds are PERFECT. The grip is outstanding, and nothing is overlooked. These knives are a steal.

Glad to hear the rave reviews-

I just placed an order for a blue G-10 Patrolman. Expected date of delivery, Feb. 16th. Man that seems like a long way off! Can't wait to get it, I've never owned a fixed blade before, or a custom for that matter. Seems like a great size for a FB that can be carried easily, and that handle has a real 'lusty' look to it.

Patiently awaiting Feb. 16th-

Neil, I know how you're feeling! I returned yesterday from visiting relatives in Michigan and discovered my Patrolman was at my office. Since I'm officially on vacation, I "snuck" into the office tonight and ripped open the box. What a beaut!! I couldn't resist immediately emailing Lynn to tell him how happy I am with it. I'll be posting a review soon, but like yours it will be a "first impressions" only review, as I too can't bring myself to test it's limits. It's too darn pretty! Very much like the Small Game you made for me!!! LOL, one of these days I'm going to buy a knife I can use without guilt! Enjoy your Griffith.