My new Military


Nov 1, 1998
Hey Gene, Dexter, Bald1 etc.
I just got my new plain edged Spyderco Military last night and it is everything you guys said it was. The fit & finish is excellent and talk about sharp. Looks like I have a new toy just in time for the long weekend thanks to Cliff at Ultimate Outdoors who gave me a great price and excellent service.

Looks like you've just joined the legions of "military men"
! It is a great folder isn't it!

Ought to post your comments on the Spyderco forum so Sal sees that his design has won over another soul.


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

you're absolutely right. I started writing the initial post when I realized that it should actually go in the Spyderco forum. Since I was just about to press the submit button, I figured what the heck; I'll just do it again in the Spydie forum.
Hi RT - welcome to the club
Congrats on your purchase. We all would be interested in reading your comments on the knife after you've a chance to put it through its paces!

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I have had three different Military: 1st generation ATS34 (experienced rusty screws, and excessive play -both lateral and vertical – after hard use. I return it back to Spyderco for repair and they promptly issued me a brand new 2nd generation 440 model; However, my 2nd generation still exhibit a slight play after I tightened the pivot – (gave it to a friend as a gift). My most recent Military is a 3rd generation model, and it’s ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Action is smooth as silk; Lock up is positive and very tight (just the way I like it). I would rank my 3rd Generation Military right up there with my large Sebenza.
I know that you are familiar with both knives so I am primarily addressing this question to you, although all replies are welcome. I have an AFCK with an M2 blade. I don’t buy a huge amount of knives so I don’t like to purchase two knives that function basically the same. I have seen some of your posts about these two knives. I just wanted a clarification that time brings. Do you have a preference between these two knives? Do you have a preference between the two steels used?


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I have both (AFCK in M2 and Military in 440) can go back and forth betwen which one I like more.

The AFCK feels more secure. I can cut down a lot of cardboard and the like with out every feeling it in my hand. The Military has a little more narrow profile that isn't quite as comfortable.

The Military has silky smooth G10 handles and it feels good in the pocket and not very heavy for such a big knife.

Even when super-polished razor sharp, where the hairs on your air leap off just at the sight of the blade opening, I can still cut fiberous materials (ie: nylon rope) with the AFCK in M2. If I get the Military in a super-polished sharpened mode I can't cut anything that requires a more grippy edge.

I really like the flat grind of the Military. I like the comfortable finger cut-out of the AFCK.

You can see why I go back and forth with them. :) I like 'em enough that I bought two of each of them and consider them my "standard" carry knives. If I were to sell everything, they would be the last to go.

Hi Danny - Of the two knives, I prefer the Military with its 440V. But the M2 AFCK is another great high performance knife, but I like the belly that's on the Military. And in the fully serrated version, the Military is like a pocket chainsaw
440V's 2.15% carbon content makes it hold an edge better than any other steel used in the production knife industry. Currently, 440V is my favorite followed by ATS-34. Getting back to the main question, I also prefer the Military because of it's light weight and thin handle profile. Thus, it carries well in the waistband or top of the pocket. The blade hole is quite big, allowing for a good purchase to open, even with gloves. I never have liked the AFCK's chamfered hole, it almost feels like you're not getting a good purchase. In reality I've never had any problems with opening any of my three AFCK's. From experience, I can tell you that you'll be happy with either knife. Hope this info helps.

Dexter Ewing
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"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"