My "new" Nimravus

Mar 20, 1999
Howdy All!
I just picked up a Benchmade Nimravus in a trade from a fellow forumite. I have handled a few, but have never been overly impressed my them. This knife changed my mind.
The first thing I did was take it apart and get rid of the black coating. Just a little while with a green Scotchbrite pad and can see the results below.
The second thing I had to do was re-sharpen the knife due to the dulling of the edge by the Scotchbrite. It wasn't hard to re-sharpen and now shaves hair. (Cuts calves nicely too if you don't angle it right!)
Third, I started playing with the knife. Here are a few observations:
The handle is more comfortable than I remembered. The only things I can think of that would improve the grip are more agressive thumb serrations on the top and the addition of serrations in the finger groove on the underside of the knife. Perhaps the scales could be a tad thicker.
The factory supplied Kydex sheath appears to be extremely well made. Thick Kydex, good lines, simple but effective design. However, the fit of the knife in the sheath is atrocious. The knife rattles loosely and will fall out if turned upside down and shaken lightly. Hence the warning printed on the sheath clip: "-WARNING- THIS SHEATH IS NOT TO BE USED FOR HANDLE-DOWN CARRY." I did carry the knife around inside my waistband with this sheath. It was very comfortable and quite handy, just loose. I figure a little time with the gas burner on the stove and we'll have it all taken care of.
Fortunately, a Newt Livesay custom Kydex sheath was generously thrown in on the trade. Newt's sheath is made from thinner Kydex and has near unlimited carry options. The sheath holds the knife securely. I strapped it upside down to my gear and jumped to the ground from about 6 feet up. The knife stayed in the sheath! I CAN sling the knife out, but it takes considerable effort.
The Nimravus isn't what I would call a "skinning knife," however, I will be testing the knife in this role during the upcoming hunting season. I used it in the kitchen yesterday with satisfactory results. I would prefer this knife over our Cold Steel kitchen knives anyday. A nice "camp" knife? Sure! The knife seems to be very utilitarian in nature and that feeling is backed up by the following quote from Benchmade's website:

"As you can see it has a very good utility blade shape, and will perform equally well in a diverse selection of uses."

All in all, I am pleased with the trade and hope to pass this one along to the kids someday. The hard part will be trying to get them to stop fighting over it!

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Wow! Thats really a nice looking knife! As you said, up till now I've been really unimpressed w/ the Nimravus....but w/ that finish and a better sheath I think you've got a winner!
Wow, I agree, I think this finish looks a hell of a lot better than the black.... just make sure that you coat the metal with a protectant regularly...


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This is the ATS34 model and it isn't TOO humid where I live, so I shouldn't have alot of trouble with the knife rusting. The only time I have problems with my gear is when I am working outside in the heat or go home to Texas and wear the stuff right up against my skin. I usually end up rusting my stainless and hard chromed guns in those conditions if I don't keep and eye on them. I have a friend that rough bead blasted (ICK!!!) his Nimravus and carries it hanging upside down inside his vest. He has no problems with rust on his. I figure with my finish being smoother, I'll have even less trouble.

The finish was easy, I just used a green Scotchbrite pad from the sandpaper section of the local Wal-Mart.
Man, Benchmade needs to make some of those in a satin finish format!
That looks SWEET!

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According to BM literature, the teflon particles penetrate the steel surface. So theoritically, it should continue to protect in a limited way.
Very nice. Looks so much better now.

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Looks great.

Can't believe you did that with a scothbrite.

Is the underlying finish typical BM 'satin'?

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The finish is a custom collaboration between the 3M corporation and myself.

It wasn't that hard to do, just a little time consuming around the thumb serrations and that little groove at the end of the cutting edge.

I picked up some finer grit stuff and may try to polish the knife a bit. I am still debating as the Kydex can scratch the blade somewhat and ruin a good polish job.
That looks great!!!! It would match my two tone Sig perfectly. I wish Benchmade produced a satin version. I hate blade coatings. See my thread at:

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DAMN, that's a nice looking knife! I may have to re-think about getting a nimravus (the coating was the main thing turning me off. Although I'm not sure I would be able to get the finish that good looking on my own. I wonder if Benchmade provides a coating removal service?
Probably not, but maybe they could make some non "tactical" ? They look so much better w/o the black finish.

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Wow, I've got to say that knife looks good. I normally prefer black coatings, but even I'm impressed with the way it looks. I'd heard the same thing about the sheath being a little loose, but I thought BM had made a different sheath for the newer 140s which address that problem. Does anybody out there know if this is true? Thanks.

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Very Nice!!!! You could always have it coated with a clear sealant, if ya wanted. It looks great.

I hope you don't mind, but I posted a link to this thread on the Benchmade forums:

There are some questions there. I asked people to reply here. And again, the knife looks great! I want one, but I am sure I couldn't do as good a job.

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I don't mind at all. I took a peek and read the other forum, didn't seem like there was much I could help with in the way of answering questions.
Thanks for the publicity!

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