My new NWA ....

Jul 27, 2009
I´m exited! :D
Today Nick told me, that my new blade is ready to rock! :thumbup:
He made me a badass Raptor in O1-steel and now he works at the sheath!
On monday he will send it and I can´t wait, to get it in my hands!

Enjoy the first pic, guys!

Very very nice! Glad to see Nick is still rollin :) Is that a new hamon pattern I see there?
Hahaha, I thought the same!
But after looking again I noticed, that is a reflection on the blade! (maybe a wooden wall in the background)
I call it the new wood damascus! :)
Ah! Yeah, that makes sense, haha. I'm not used to seeing reflections on Nick's blades with their hand rubbed finishes. It threw me for a bit, especially since his normal hamon is visible there. New wood damascus indeed :D
Got the info, that my Raptor arrived in germany! :thumbup:

So I will get it in the next days and some pics will follow ....:rolleyes:
Just got my Raptor and I´m very impressed!

Awesome work is all I could say at the moment, Beautiful, well balanced and sharp like hell! :thumbup:

Thanks, Nick! You did a great job and I really love my Raptor! :cool:




Yesterday I was in the woods to have some fun!

Made a fire and just had a good time!

The Raptor did a good job and it´s definitely a great working tool for the camp! :thumbup:




Thats a nice knife Peter, I'd like to get a scout one day myself. I have'nt seen Nick around here much though lately.
Enjoy that raptor, it looks like one well built blade/chopper.

Thanks very much, Doug!

Yeah, you can´t go wrong with a Scout. It´s a great knife at all!

The Raptor works very well as a campknife for every cutting task.
But if the logs are bigger, you better do batoning than chopping.
For chopping the knife has to be more heavy! ;)
Beautiful beast of a knife! :thumbup: Looks like the perfect companion to that Krein bushcrafter too
Yeah, those two were my last purchases and they needed to be used!
And I´m happy with both cool blades! :)