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My new Patrolman from Lynn Griffith

Aug 25, 1999
My buddy at work emailed me today to tell me that a package arrived for me from Oklahoma. Since I'm on vacation, I waited until 11pm tonight to sliiiide into the office and grab it
. It was my new Patrolman from Lynn, and man, is it a sweet knife. Like my Tracker, grinds are perfect, black micarta scales are perfect, and it shaves like a Gillette. This was expected, as I've come to learn that Lynn is a perfectionist. It was the simple beauty of the knife that caught me off guard. It's lines blend together perfectly, and it feels fantastic in my hand. Let me say right here that like most of my reviews, this is a "first impressions" review, as I simply can't make myself take a new knife and test it's limitations. I'd asked Lynn's advice about matching a "bird and trout" type knife to my Griffith Tracker, and he suggested the Patrolman. I have them side by side right now, and I couldn't ask for a neater pair. The blade is long enough to do about any task I'd ask of it, and the grip, while slender, locks up solid in my hand. Did I mention that this knife has no apparrent flaws? Nope! All lines are perfectly symmetrical, the point is centered perfectly, the filework is evenly spaced, the scales are perfectly matched, even the pins are perfectly ground and polished. Bead blasting is uniform throughout. The sheath is a little beauty too-Lynn's typical (and desirable) minimalist approach, with an extra touch that I personally love-the belt loop is canted at a slight angle for a great horizontal carry. While the knife is small and light enough for neck carry, I'll be wearing it at my side, as I intend to use it for small game and camping. For all you hunters out there, if you're looking for a pair of knives to handle any North American game animal (or any game animal, for that matter) the Griffith Tracker and Patrolman get my vote. I just had a thought-one sheath to hold both knives! Well, as usual, I'm rambling, so I'll wrap this up by saying that if you haven't checked out Lynn's knives yet, you're doing yourself a disservice. Go to his site (www.griffithknives.com) and see what we're all raving about. Great service, great knives, plain old good people: that's Lynn. He's enriched my collection yet again.
Thank you very much for the kind words. You are always a pleasure to work with. Please, feel free to use the knife. If you get it scratched or dirty, or what ever, it can always be refinished. You may want to check out the recent review at ( www.griffithknives.com/board ) where a customer who got a custom tanto immediately used the knife (check the review, to see what for).

Thanks again,

Lynn Griffith-Knifemaker

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