My New REKAT Pocket Hobbit!

Jan 19, 1999
Just got my new REKAT Pocket Hobbit today (the result of another successful trade with one of the forum members!). First impressions:

Very stout construction makes all of my other folders feel like toys. Opens with a flick of the wrist and makes a sound like a bank vault door locking when it locks open. Has a great edge on it. I'm akward as all get out trying to figure out the best way to close this thing. I've already nicked my finger on the serrations on the back of the blade! The handle fits my hand perfectly. I like the way that the pointy butt of the handle could be used as a skullcrusher if necessary. All in all a real handful and a well put together knife.

The only thing I ned to have done to it is get the thumb stud switched over for a lefty. I may also see if I can get REKAT to black T the blade for me.
Anyone else have one of these bad boys?
Has anyone made any modifications to it?

Canis, I have one that I ordered from Rekat directly. Mine is a left handed model, with the thumb stud for a left and the lock on the left hand thumb side of the knife. It is also Black Ti coated and I had them add 1.5 inches of serrations on the blade. Oh and they also added a pocket clip for me. Better have a belt on if you have a pocket clip for this one. There is no doubt that this is the toughest manufactured knife out there.

How was the turn around time to make the changes that you requested? If you don't mind letting us know, how would you rate the service you received from REKAT?



I am happy you like the knife. You can switch the thumbstud over using a small hex wrench. If I recall correctly the size is .050, or 1/16th. This is not hard to do, rather than sending it back to REKAT unless you want them to BT it. Personally, I thought it was pretty cool to snap out the knife and see the glint of polished steel in combination with the "SNAP" of the lock.


I like the look of the blade... I'm just worried about the ATS34 rusting. (Even though with the polished finish, it would be less prone to rust than with a bead blasted blade) I also just like the look of the black t. On this knife it will make it look very wicked indeed! I went to the hardware store yesterday and bought the correct size hex wrench and switched the thumb stud over.

Soon to be hot and humid in Texas,

Canis, the extras I wanted took about two weeks and the service was excellent. They are good people. Every time I pick up the knife, I want to start punching holes in the wall with it for fun, it's that tough. Of course, I'm too scared of the wife to do it.
I'll try and reach them this week to see what it'll cost me. Thanks Cobalt!

(and Phillip also!)